15 Stylish Secret Santa Gift Ideas To Spread The Joy!

‘Tis the season to transform your Secret Santa gift into a chic addition to their living space! Secret santa has always been about the spirit of giving. So what better way to make your recipient happy than gifting them something meaningful this holiday season?

Our design expert Siddhi Chaphekar has come up with 15 ideas for stylish gifts that will liven up your recipient’s space for the holiday season!

1. Sparkling Tree Cushion Gift Set by House This 

The sparkling tree cushion gift set by House This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s obsessed with Christmas! It comes with a set of 2 Sparkling tree cushions, and a Holly cushion coloured in green, all made with 100% cotton. The gold details add some extra pizazz!

2. Tuscan Bar Tool Set by Elvy

Beauty with utility, Elvy’s Tuscan Bar Tool Set is a stylish gift made of faux leather and stainless steel. This makes a great gift for budding mixologists, giving a premier feel as you whip up those festive drinks in your home bar. 

3. Deer Wax Votive by Elvy

Another classy development by Elvy, this deer wax votive makes an excellent gift, being made with 55% soy wax & 45% palm wax, with a small tinge of rose fragrance. “It makes for a chic decor piece or a jewellery holder once the candle runs out, so it’s a win-win!” says Siddhi. 

4. Basket Sets by Sashaa World

Perfect for storage, plant placement and more, these basket sets by Sashaa World are beautifully woven with a seamless blend of jute and cotton. Whether your recipient loves plants or just likes cute storage, these make for adorable addition to a home.

5. Toadstool Soy Wax Glass Candle by The Wishing Chair

Colourful and unique, these custom toadstool shaped wax candle jars are personalised gifts that add a vibrant pop of colour. The honeysuckle fragrance only adds to the sweetness and mood of any home, perfect for any who likes dopamine decor or candle collectors.

6. Floral Melody Jewellery Box by The Wishing Chair

Transform your Secret Santa surprise into a symphony of elegance with The Wishing Chair’s Floral Melody Jewellery Box. Here’s what Siddhi has to say, “This enchanting piece not only safeguards precious trinkets, but also doubles as a captivating tabletop accessory!” 

7. Dessert Love Gift Box by The Wishing Chair

Indulge the sweet tooth in your Secret Santa circle with this thoughtful gift- The Wishing Chair’s Dessert Love Gift Box. A delightful assortment of goodies that adds a touch of sweetness to the festive season. 

8. Coloured Planters by Conkreate

Gift a burst of colour and nature with Conkreate’s Colored Planters. A compact addition to any home, these planters bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Just the gift for any plant parents you may know!

9. Art Prints by Home Artisan

Turn your Secret Santa gift into a masterpiece with Home Artisan’s Art Prints. If your friend is an art connoisseur, you can add to their collection with these exquisite prints that blend sophistication with artistic flair. 

10. Block Printed Quilts by Pinklay

Wrap your Secret Santa gift recipient in warmth with Pinklay’s Block Printed Quilts. These cosy quilts are a perfect blend of comfort and style and a gift for anyone who loves handcrafted products.

11. Poinsettia Cushion Cover by Junekeri

Handwoven in traditional pit looms, Junekeri’s Poinsettia Cushion Covers feature signature colours and woollen thread weave —  an ode to Bhujodi’s rich cultural heritage. This elegant accessory brings the spirit of Christmas to any sofa or bed. Shop the holiday cheer!

12. Napkin Sets by Live Linen

Elevate their dining experience with Live Linen’s Napkin Sets. With a variety of colour options, these elegant and durable European linens make every meal a stylish affair. At this price point, they make for a perfect budget-friendly secret santa gift.

13. Dusk Table Lamp by Oorjaa

Light up their holiday season with Oorjaa’s Dusk Table Lamp. Crafted from Lokta fibre paper, this sustainable lamp adds a warm glow to any room. Complete with confetti-like detailing speckled throughout the lamp, this is a premium gift for your loved ones. 

14. Kiss From A Rose Rug by Amber Stitch

Gift a touch of luxury with Amber Stitch’s Kiss From A Rose Rug. “Crafted out of a luxe handwoven cotton, this statement piece will add a touch of comfort and sophistication to any space,” believes Siddhi. What’s more? It works for any setting, from the bedroom to the living room and all the way to the patio!

15. Christmas Ornaments by Rihaa

Siddhi adores cute and artsy gifts, “These hand-crafted festive delights are made by professional artisans, and are the perfect budget-friendly gift to spread holiday joy and adorn any tree with love.”

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