Unique ways to upgrade your kitchen with the wooden theme

The kitchen interior design has undergone several changes over the years. From kitchen countertops to design to colours, you will be surprised with the options on offer. With technological advancement and innovative appliances, kitchen interiors have transformed from being mere food preparation spaces to functional worktops. To design kitchen spaces, different materials are being used to make it stylish and versatile accompanied with functional benefits.

If you are looking for solutions to upgrade your kitchen’s interior design with the right mix, you can opt for a wooden touch. With varied options available within the wooden framework, you can choose a subtle tone that blends well with the décor of your kitchen space.

Regular kitchen space has a single slab with cabinets and wooden touch. This type of kitchen does not give you enough room to experiment or enhance space for storage purpose. If you have the budget and space, L-shape kitchen is what you can opt for a contemporary design with modern look. Apart from making a style statement, the kitchen has functional elements incorporated within. Built-in appliances give a neat and uncluttered look to this wooden kitchen. The combination of steel and wood used here refreshes the kitchen décor, creating visual interest.

To break the monotony created by wood, contrasting elements like steel handles and aluminum has been used. Similarly, granite used on kitchen countertops brings in an element of novelty to the kitchen. Backsplash has always been an integral part of the kitchen. White designs infused into the wooden toned backsplash give the right balance to the décor and gels well with the soft ambiance created by the wooden finish splashed on the kitchen counter and cabinets.

Light in a wooden kitchen plays an important role in highlighting the essence of the kitchen. In the L-style kitchen, counter lights and cabinet lights enhance the look of the kitchen and give it a warm feel. These task lighting stands out in the wooden base kitchen.

If you look at the different features of this L-design kitchen, the sink has been designed according to the specifications of the user. As it is placed on a height above the countertop, it eliminates the need for the user to bend while washing utensils.

Irrespective of the size of the kitchen, every nook and corner matters as far as the storage space is concerned. To maximize the storage space, open units to display crockery and corner units have been designed apart from dedicated drawers and shelves to place kitchen items for an organized appearance. You also have pull out drawers near sink and dishwasher.

Another update in this L-shape kitchen is the soft edges on shutters that give the kitchen a pleasant look. Aluminium finish roll-up shutters gives a different look in this wooden finish kitchen. On the whole, the interior design of the kitchen is characterized by neat and subtle lines. You also have the flexibility to experiment with the space in the future and add or change the colours to match the wooden tone that dominates the L-shape kitchen.

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