4 ways to create your dream bedroom

There are so many ways to bring freshness and fun to your bedroom, but where to even start? Here are some points to keep in mind:

1 Measure the space

Before you start designing your bedroom, you need to know how much space you have to work with. Take measurements of your bedroom’s length and breadth, as well as the height of the ceiling. You’ll need these measurements later to determine where things like bedside tables should go, so double-check them before beginning any design work.

2 Consider the lighting

Your bedroom lighting should be soothing and pleasant, with diffused lighting rather than direct sunshine. If you want a bedside lamp, consider one with a dimmer switch so you can regulate how much light is in the room when you need it. Pick lighting that’s modern and elegant, such as white metal lamps with adjustable arms, which will complement any colour scheme you choose.

3  Make your own distinctive style

Your bedroom reflects your individuality, and it should be both fashionable and functional. If you want something contemporary or trendy, avoid classic components like nightstands or dressers! Instead, consider hanging chairs or shelves that can be utilised as decorative embellishments without taking up too much wall space (and hence are easy to move about if necessary). What type of bed frame would go best with other elements in the room? Should everything match or do you want a more casual feel? Perhaps one piece might serve as both the headboard and the footboard? These are just some questions to ask yourself.


4  Think bigger

With a little creativity, you can make any bedroom look bigger. The first step is to ensure that your space isn’t cramped — the size of the room should be proportional to the furniture. Next, assemble massive furniture pieces at one end of the room to provide an anchor point, with smaller pieces placed at the opposite end of your bed or couch to seem balanced. Use large mirrors (such as those found on doors or windows) on both sides of each piece or a variety of mirrors strategically positioned around spaces, such as closets or corridors, where people may pass unexpectedly.

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