5 Monsoon-Inspired Tablescapes To Elevate Your Chai Time

Monsoons often mean spending more time indoors as the rain pours down. Often it’s easy to feel the gloom settling in but there’s a fan favourite antidote — a cup of piping hot chai! To truly embrace this season, why not elevate your chai time with some enchanting monsoon-inspired tablescapes? Whether you’re hosting loved ones or savoring a quiet moment, these setups will add a touch of seasonal magic to your tea time.

1. Rainy Day Blues

Blue is a definitive pick for the rainy weather. It leans into the moodiness of the season but can also lend to a soothing and comforting setting. If you’re going the monochromatic route, add  texture through your drinkware, mats and such for visual interest. 

To break up the monotony, introduce a secondary colour through patterns on the linens. For a more striking look, experiment with height – tapering candlesticks, votives, centrepieces can add that extra flair to the setting. 

2. Monsoon Masala

Fully commit to the Indian aesthetic with a tablescape inspired by monsoon staples — masala chai and an assortment of fritters! Think warm brown tones of clay tableware and vibrant colours of block print linens. 

Flowers like marigolds and orange zinnias can be just what you need to combat the dreariness of monsoon. Create your own potpourri with small bowls of whole spices like cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and star anise to fill the air with a warm, spicy aroma. 

3. Lush Greens

Bring the refreshing greenery of the monsoon indoors with a nature-inspired tablescape. Use a green tablecloth or runner to set a verdant tone. When it comes to the centrepiece, there’s tons of options! Try something a little different with small potted plants, bonsai trees or assorted green fruits. Brown, white and gold are a few colours that would complement the greens and also add to the grounding ambience.  

4. Silver Lining

Line your table with grey cloth, mimicking the stormy weather. Layer with shades of grey with the placemats, dishes and drinkware to set the mood. To create the effect of the silver lining, add silver and gold accents through details like cutlery, vases, and more. Lanterns or candles cast a warm, inviting glow, adding to the narrative. Scatter some glass beads or crystals to catch the light and add a touch of sparkle!

5. Rainbow Rhapsody

Use a bright and cheerful rainbow-inspired colour scheme to make a fun & festive atmosphere to beat the blues! Use a vibrant, multi-colored tablecloth to set a cheerful tone. If you prefer a simpler base, use a white tablecloth and add rainbow-coloured placemats or napkins. Instead of buying new decor, opt for edible decor! Serve rainbow-themed snacks to complement your chai. Think along the lines of colourful macarons, fruit skewers arranged in a rainbow pattern, or colourful sweets like jalebi or mithai. Enhance the atmosphere with fairy lights or LED string lights in multiple colours.

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