7 Ways To Use Viva Magenta In Your Home

Pantone’s colour of the year, Viva Magenta, is full of exuberance, optimism and joy — reflective of people’s hope for the upcoming year. This dynamic red tone “welcomes anyone and everyone with the same verve for life and rebellious spirit.” This is exactly how we will see it being used in interior design. Here’s how to use it in your home:

1. Monochromatic palette

Layer various shades of Viva Magenta in your home to create intimate spaces. Start with lighter tones for the walls and add contrast with mid and dark shades via upholstery and other textiles. Incorporate metals, texture and warm light-tone wood pieces to enhance the warm undertones of the colour.

2. All White

Shades of white are a great way to open up a space but an all white room can easily feel sterile and cold. A splash of colour always helps liven up a white room, and what better choice than the exuberant Viva Magenta like the lower cabinets in this gorgeous kitchen.

3. Warm neutrals

For classic, luxe interiors, choose a warm neutral palette and a combination of materials. This reading nook uses beige to create an elegant look with expert use of marble, dark-wood details, gold accents and warm lighting. The plush magenta chair adds the much needed pop of colour while complementing the warm undertones of other elements.

4. Jewel Tones

Bring out the moody side of Viva Magenta by pairing it with other jewel tones such as sapphire or emerald. For a dramatic look, borrow from the Art deco style and use plush textiles, metal accents and geometric patterns for visual interest. If you want to create a more relaxed vibe, incorporate light-wood pieces such as the centre table, screen and table lamps like in this beautiful living room.

5. Analogous Hues

Viva Magenta is a deep crimson that works beautifully when combined with analogous hues such as orange. With slightly muted tones of these hues, you can create warm, eclectic interiors with a retro vibe. Incorporate mustard yellow and olive greens as contrasting elements.

6. Complementary Palette

Complementary colours are the perfect way to create bold and memorable interiors. Bring out the energetic and lively elements of Viva Magenta by pairing it with shades of green. To enhance its warmth use it with forest green, jade and other warmer tones. A cooler green like turquoise will highlight the vibrance and vigour of Viva Magenta.

7. Grey Tones

A combination of grey and Viva Magenta will lend to chic modern interiors. When done right, you can strike the perfect balance between the cool grittiness of grey and expressiveness of magenta. The velvet magenta bedframe and headboard in this bedroom is just the softening contrast needed against the industrial concrete finish walls and exposed beams on the ceiling.

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