Balinese Reflection

Spaces can be made interesting with unique design influences. Arrivae interacts with expert to understand the philosophy and unique touches that could be given to execute the Balinese style.

Client Expectation: Mr. Suresh Pansari, Vikas Valley, Khandala wanted his bungalow to be designed with a distinct touch.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the project with the Balinese theme.

Niharika Saraf

What was your goal behind choosing the Balinese theme?

The main intention behind choosing this theme was to give the space a fresh perspective characterised with Balinese features. For Mr. Suresh Pansari’s project in Khandala, comprising of five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two living rooms, one den, two kitchens, one lawn and an indoor pool, we intended to design it using a rustic touch. After considerable research, we chose the Balinese theme and made efforts to convince the client about the same. The client expressed his happiness and appreciated the design concept used on completion of the project.

What was the process followed to execute the Balinese theme?

In order to get the approach right and ensure elements supporting the Balinese theme were used, we did extensive research from our side. As a step in this direction, we made frequent trips to Bali to source furniture including sofas, centre tables, dining tables and outdoor loungers among others. To endorse the Balinese style further, accessories such as lights, mirrors, wooden artefacts and garudas were picked from exclusive corners of Ubud.

We gave an interesting Indian twist to the project by making the wardrobe in the country and adding an exclusive touch by sourcing hardware such as hinges, knobs and handles from Bali. To keep the flow of the Balinese theme intact, we stuck to wooden theme in the kitchen and continued with the rustic theme in the bedrooms for side tables, bedding storage and decorated the space with ample lighting and dressers.

Tell us about the colour scheme used?

Clever use of hues in different rooms of the bungalow is again another aspect that adheres to the Balinese theme. Attractive colours like burnt oranges, dull blues, golden ochres, olive greens and a deep brick red colour used on the walls creates a sense of harmony in the space, which reiterates the Balinese style.

Did you use any unique element to highlight the project?

Artefacts make a lot of difference to a space and this stands true for this project as well. Wooden doors inspired by traditional Balinese carvings hung on a double-heighted wall give a decorative touch to the living area.

Another feature that stands out prominently is the library in the Khandala bungalow. Mr. Pansari desired an open theme for his library accommodated by a desk. To accentuate this area, we used flooring inspired by the chevron pattern. A unique combination of hand cut sandstone and white marble was used to give a distinct look and feel to the flooring.

Did you face any hindrance while executing the project?

Maintenance posed a challenge as the project was an outhouse. To cater to this hindrance, we used materials that was easy to clean and durable at the same time.

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