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The C shape kitchen design can be a practical option to ensure maximum efficiency. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to take a look at the ways the kitchen can be highlighted using this style.

Client Expectation: Omkar Mhatre (Thane) desired extra storage space for the kitchen.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Offered appropriate storage and used the C shape design for the kitchen.

Designer Kalpana Shelke

How did you utilize the space to accommodate various kitchen essentials?

Omkar Mhatre had a big kitchen with enough space and wanted it to be utilized appropriately. Since the space permitted and client wanted a flexible space for the microwave, we left an open space on the left platform for the microwave. This ensured a neat and clean appearance to the kitchen. As the client desired a big storage for grocery items, we provided the same in the kitchen.

What is the colour scheme used for the C shape kitchen?

You will find a generous use of white in the kitchen. The combination of white and grey has been used on the laminate for shutters. Adding an airy touch to the space is the white vitrified tiles. Black granite on the kitchen countertop balances the space, giving a contrasting touch to the kitchen. We have also used profile shutters on the overhead storage and grey shade back-painted glass that adds a unique touch to the kitchen.

What is the main highlight of this kitchen?

The dining cum chopping area is the main distinctive feature of this C-shape kitchen. The design has a sliding feature wherein you can remove the drawers and close it using the slider. You can either use it as a dining area or a chopping area. To cater to the client’s specifications and his interest in Vastu, the double door refrigerator and a dedicated space has been allocated as a temple area adhering to the Vastu guidelines. Other features that adds a functional element to the kitchen is the combination of core and panel lights used in the kitchen. The overhead storage touches the ceiling leaving little space in the centre that was utilized appropriately as lights and fan was added in this space. There is laminate with profile handle for all the drawers. Keeping the safety aspect in mind, the hob has been placed near the window for ventilation purpose.

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