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Decorating a kid’s room lays a lot of emphasis on the interest of the kid. Arrivae interacts with the expert to understand the approach that can be used to stimulate kid’s space with cartoon theme.

Client Expectation: Mr. Bhoir desired a playful nature for the kid’s space.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the kid’s room keeping the interest of the kid in mind.

Designer Priyanka Kale

What was the theme followed for the space?

Mr. Bhoir’s kid was very fond of cartoons and BEN 10 was his favourite. This is the main reason the space was designed with the said theme adhering to the interest of the kid. The theme has been carried forward on the furnishings as well. Bright and sober colours give a mix and match effect to the space whereas white and gold hue curtains add a touch of sheen to the kid’s area.

How did you decorate the kid’s space?

For the kid’s room, we used a curve design for the bed as the client did not want any corners for the bed to ensure the kid is safe while playing or moving around the space. Out of the two doors, one had glass door for the dressing and another door was common for the bedroom.

To give a personal touch to the kid’s room, you will find the smiling photo of the kid added on the bed back wall. This element gives a touch of liveliness to the kid’s area. Flower vase is another element that enlivens the space. The unique shape of the bed adds a playful touch and complements the kid’s room flawlessly.

How did you take care of the storage aspect?

Open storage to accommodate kid’s toys is highlighted with lights accentuating the space to the maximum. Niches on the side wall with lights illuminate the toy storage and serve as a decorative element in the kid’s area.

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