Ethnic Revolution

Ethnic style is all about giving a unique identity to interiors. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to gain an understanding of the focal elements that sets this theme apart from the rest.

Interior Designer Nisha Valke

Client Expectation: Bright colours

Uniquely Yours Solution: Vivid colour scheme and interiors highlighted with rustic elements to give the ethnic look and feel.

What is the main design element followed for the interiors?
Space management coupled with functional requirements of the client. Realistic and functional spaces which bring out the lifestyle of the residents.

How do you manage to give an ethnic touch to the interiors?
Choice of material plays a very important role. For example, ceilings made in wood; lighting with pendant lights, wall-bracket lights, pedestal lights – all in traditional style; upholstery and furnishings using natural fabrics; floor made of natural stone with ornamental motif inserts.

According to you, what is the most differentiating factor in any project?
Budget. Especially when it becomes a constraint. Solutions that need to be provided have to be managed in a manner that least compromise is made in the design.

How would you highlight the décor elements in the ethnic theme?
By their placement. Appropriate lighting, wall colour or paneling.

How would you use the ethnic theme for furniture?
Traditional concept. Mouldings with intricate carving, depending on budget – use of ornamental inserts and fittings.

Do you face any challenge while executing the project?
Budget versus requirements. Managing requirements becomes a challenge when budget is constrained.

What about the functionality aspect of the project in the ethnic theme?
Importantly, units serving functional value are made in ethnic design. In other words, least number of elements are placed as props.

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