Feminine Touch

Decorating a girl’s room is all about adding a personal touch to the interiors. From colour scheme to décor elements, the space should depict and highlight the inhabitant’s taste to the core. Arrivae gets in touch with experts who give you the right ideas to design the girl’s room and stress on its uniqueness.

Architect Ashish Vaidya

Client Expectation: Desired to design the daughter’s room.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Addressed the client’s desire with soothing colour scheme and music-inspired décor adhering to the taste of the daughter.

What was the theme used in the daughter’s room and how did you fulfill the same?

Mr. Budhrani’s daughter was fond of music. To adhere to her taste, we used a sticker that had a girl playing guitar on the wardrobe.

Could you specify the colour scheme?

We stuck to pink and white for the daughter’s room to give it a soothing and nice feel.

Tell us about the décor elements used in Mr. Budhrani’s project?

Colourful wall hanging gives a playful touch to the interiors. The daughter’s room gets highlighted with unique features like suspended doll that is neatly placed near the wardrobe.

How did you plan the design considering the tight space?

We used a big mirror in the daughter’s room to give it a unique character and personality apart from giving it a spacious look and feel. Lots of storage was put in place to give the kid enough space to accommodate her toys, books etc. We used only necessary furniture like bed with tufted leather headboard. Satin or composite leather is generally preferred for headboard. Dressing area is big and soft board has been used for the study table.

Would you like to talk about any other elements that make the space stand out?

Considering the inhabitant of the space, we ensured that comfort element is taken care of. Cotton fabric with colourful design on furnishings adds style and complements the colour scheme beautifully. To give an eco-friendly touch to the interiors, LED light fittings have been used. The entertainment unit has been placed at a height so that the kid can lie down and watch television comfortably.

For another daughter, we used white duco paint and played with curve element. You will see curves in the bed and headboard. The ceiling is decked up with cove lights. To enhance the space further, we have used lights in descending order. For the storage, niches were created with glass profile shutters. The dressing table has standalone mirror with shelves for cosmetics. For a cheerful look, white and yellow furnishing was chosen by Mr. Budhrani. We used curved pattern with niches for display as well.

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