Luxurious Elevation

Office layouts lay emphasis on warm and inviting atmosphere to enhance employee productivity. Arrivae interacts with expert to put forward the features that entices a unique experience for office employees.

Client Expectation: RNA Mirage desired a marketing and sales office space that reflects a high-end look and feel.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the office with clean and contemporary lines with spatial and visual connectivity.

Architect Shahen Mistry

What essentials have you incorporated in the office to give it a luxurious look and feel?

RNA Mirage, a prime property, desired their sales office to have a luxurious appeal. To achieve the same, we used clean and contemporary lines. Emphasizing on the luxury quotient, we used stacked glass on external elevation to create a crystalline surface which changes the internal ambience from morning to evening from light blue to golden yellow, thus creating a soothing effect. When water rolls on this surface, it creates a soothing ambience in the office. To enhance the office further, we have given mood lighting that lays emphasis on the warm and inviting atmosphere that the theme depicts.

Did you use any specific materials to highlight the office?

We kept the colour scheme simple to emphasize on the design elements in the office. Stainless steel was the prime material used apart from glazed glass. Rich veneer patterns and elegant furniture adds richness to the space. Besides colourful splashes of artworks creates a remarkable impression in the meeting rooms. Custom-made furniture gives each room a unique style and sophisticated look and feel. The seating arrangement of the office entices the visitor to experience a unique environment that helps them relax and refreshes their mood.

Could you tell us about the décor elements used in the office?

The main highlight of RNA Mirage is the cove light given behind the sofa that gives the space a distinct look and feel. The waiting area where this feature has been used transforms the space, adding drama and gives it an upscale look. Cove lights gives a soft glow and transforms the appearance of the room giving a diverse impact during day and night. It also gives a unique experience to the people who occupy this area.

Slit lights on the wall create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Aesthetic features like standing lamp in the lounge room gives a sense of freshness to the space. The light emitting from this lamp bathes the wall with a unique design, enhancing the space with soothing mood light. Similarly floor to ceiling glass wall partition adds warmth to the waiting area. The colour of this partition changes from light to dark, depicting the day and night play beautifully. All these elements ensure the visitor has a tranquil experience that plays a very important role to make or break sales deals.

Was there any hindrance faced during the execution of the project?

The client had a tight budget and was not willing to compromise on the luxury elements required for the office. He wanted an atmosphere that spells luxury and gave an inviting and warm feeling to the visitor. We overcame this challenge using elegant design features like glass that opens up the space and gave the end user a comforting feel so that they visit and make deals and crack sales.

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