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Rustic is all about achieving a rough look and feel for the space and the same stands true for home office. Arrivae interacts with expert to find out the features that help you achieve the rustic look and feel in a home office.

Client Expectation: Desired a home office with rustic touches.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Achieved the rustic look with exposed brick finishes.

Architect Abhay Patil

What are the functional aspects to be kept in mind for a rustic home office?

When it comes to rustic look and feel, we recommend more of natural and exposed finishes for the home office. Moreover the rustic theme is about selecting the right raw materials and using unfinished products. Another aspect you can look at is flooring. Instead of vitrified tiles, you can opt for natural flooring that will accentuate the space and theme further.

How would you decorate a home office giving it a rustic touch?

To achieve the rustic look and keep the space from giving it a dull appearance, you can highlight the wall with exposed brick finish (brick being a highly versatile material). As far as furniture is concerned, wrought iron furniture and natural wood furniture can do the trick.

In a home office setup, we don’t get a lot of walls to work on. Therefore it is essential to work with the space that you have. The walls can be divided into two. Workstation wall can be used to have a soft board and other half for the exposed/rustic finish. These finishes give the home office a classic look and feel. Similarly the seating and discussion area can be highlighted with frames or wallpaper.

What are the different ways to highlight a rustic home office?

You can style the home office with a unique look and feel. One instance is a small nook with single storage to give it a formal environment. Another aspect to take into account is the colour scheme. You can use a single colour throughout the home office including furniture, storage and walls. This will light up the space and give it a lively appearance. On the contrary, if space permits and you wish to deck up the home office with colours, you can use bright colours in light shades and accentuate it with wrought iron furniture. Old and classic pattern signage can also be part of your home office setup. Wood is another interesting feature that can add a nice twist to the rustic home office. To highlight the home office and if the space permits, some classic elements like stained glass windows, custom made light fixtures, etc. can be added to complete the look.

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