Italian design reimagined, Arrivae style

Arrivae’s exclusive collection of Italian design themes draws from the rich cultural heritage of Italy, renowned for its artistry, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Step into a world where every detail is meticulously curated to create spaces that exude luxurious beauty and refined taste. From sleek lines to plush materials, our themes capture the essence of Italian style, blending tradition with contemporary elements. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Italian design as we unravel the inspiration behind these captivating themes.

1. Bauhaus design

Although the design movement originated in Germany, it had a significant impact on modern Italian architects and designers like Gio Ponti and Mario Bellini. The Bauhaus emphasis on simplicity and functionality is evident in modernist architecture, interiors and furniture. And this is reflected in our themes where clean lines, geometric forms, and a minimalist aesthetic take centre stage.

2. Giorgio Armani’s colour palette

Giorgio Armani’s, the acclaimed Italian fashion designer, understated and sophisticated palette influenced our themes. Armani’s colour choices evoke a sense of understated luxury and create a versatile palette that complements a wide range of styles. He often incorporates shades of grey, taupe, beige, and various earthy tones in his work with occasional use of subtle pops of colour, such as deep blues or rich burgundy, to add depth and interest to his designs.

3. Balance of open spaces and cosy minimalism

Contemporary Italian design is all about creating open spaces that are bright, airy and have visual continuity. Open plan layouts, large windows, attached balconies are essential parts of Italian homes. At the same time, these large spaces are inviting, comfortable and clutter-free. Accessories and knick-knacks are intentional and aesthetic. Designs for our themes adapt these aspects for Indian homes with lots of functional pieces, hidden storage and maximising natural light.

4. Luxurious Italian marble

Italian designers’ love for natural stones, particularly marble, is legendary. Marble lends a timeless, elegant look to interiors and is pretty versatile in how you can use it. A central feature in our designs is marble— it adds to the luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic.

5. Fusion of contemporary and traditional elements

As it evolved, Italian interior design adopted more modern aesthetics while retaining the charm of traditional elements in its choice of furniture, statement pieces, space utilisation and more. The contemporary designs of our themes with their clean looks are well suited for urban Indian homes. But these designs leave room for you to add your own touch to the space- whether it is through accessories, statement furniture, heirlooms, etc. This room for customisations in our designs, draws from Italian fusion of contemporary and traditional, allows you to add your own spin to it.

How can Arrivae help you?

If you’re looking for home interiors that offer timeless luxury, Arrivae’s Italian design themes are for you. What’s more? Get all the benefits of world-class design at Indian prices! Our customer centric approach ensures that your taste, style and needs are all reflected in the designs. We want to help you create a dream home that also elevates your life. Get a free quote today!

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