La dolce vita: Discover exclusive Italian designs

Arrivae in association with Anant Raj presents our Estate Mansions in Gurugram, a project that redefines luxury living with interiors adorned in our exclusive, sophisticated, world-class Italian design themes. Curated for people with a refined taste and an eye for luxe design, our themes combine the Bauhaus, bohemian and fusion styles, reflecting a modern yet intimate aesthetic.

Let’s take a peek into some of the Italian design features: 

1. Minimalism with attention to detail

Modern Italian interior design’s emphasis on a minimal aesthetic with clean lines and simple forms lends to an open and inviting feel in a space. A combination of curved shapes and sharp lines adds dynamism while smooth surfaces and handle less shutters lend to uninterrupted eye movement. 

2. Neutral colour palette

Modern Italian design often favours a neutral colour palette, with shades of white, grey, and beige dominating the colour scheme. Our themes’ colour palettes mimic this feature but play around with textures and finishes to add visual interest.

3. High-quality materials

Italian interior designers prioritise high-quality materials such as marble, leather and metal to add richness and texture to a space. It is this melange of materials that elevates the designs and makes a space feel grand and lavish.

4. Technology integration

Our designs integrate technology into the space, with smart home systems, advanced lighting controls, and other high-tech features seamlessly blending into the overall design.

5. Statement lighting fixtures

Unique lighting fixtures create a dramatic focal point in a space, such as a sculptural pendant or a sleek, modern chandelier. Apart from statement pieces, lighting plays an integral role in creating inviting spaces. We’ve layered soft natural lighting and warm lighting, and multiple sources in the same area to achieve a sense of intimacy.

6. Symmetry

Symmetry is central to Italian design- matching pairs of furniture, artwork, or décor items create a sense of balance and order in a space. This kind of cohesion and uniformity is pleasing to the eye and gives spaces a luxe, slightly formal look.

7. Artistic flair

Italy is known for its rich artistic heritage, and our designs reflect this through the use of fine art, sculptures, and other decorative objects throughout the house.

8. Architectural details

What adds to the elegance of the Villas are the architectural details interwoven in the design. Tray and cove ceilings and panelling are some of the most notable features. They add layers of depth to the space.

9. Sleek metal accents

While traditional Italian design is known for its inclusion of ornate details such as mouldings for a display of opulence, in the modern contemporary version it is through metallic accents like gold, copper and bronze. These accents peppered throughout add sophistication and visual intrigue in contrast with textured textiles.

10. A combination of classic and contemporary

Like all styles, Italian design has evolved to fit more contemporary aesthetics. It now leans more towards modern minimalism, restrained use of decorative elements and focuses more on clean, sleek designs. Our curation of Italian design themes combines the timeless elements like versatile neutral palette and use of luxe materials with these modern sensibilities making them the perfect choice for modern Indian homes.

How can Arrivae help you?

You can now bring in the luxury of Italian design to your home with Arrivae. Choose from a host of premium design themes for chic, ultra modern and luxe interiors. And the best part? You get it at Indian prices! 

Want to learn more about our exclusive Italian design themes? Click here. If you’re ready to transform your home into a luxury abode, get in touch with our design experts today.



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