Formal Touch

Office space should reflect the creativity and style of the staff and executive occupying it. Arrivae shares its insights about the features that give a distinctive feel to the space with expert inputs.

Gaurav Joshi 

Client Expectation: Accommodate staff of 80 and 4 directors with essential facilities like a well-equipped conference room, couple of meeting rooms and other utilities.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Meticulous planning skills and segregating spaces thoughtfully – accounting for every inch of space. The balanced use of subtle colour schemes in furniture, partitions and graphics – may be walls or frosting on the glass partitions helped achieve the formal look the client desired for his workplace.

What was your thought process behind designing the office for MMJC, a company secretarial firm based in Mulund?

The client did not want the space to look loud and portray an elegant feel at the same time. Considering this, it was decided to use a bright colour scheme with a few shades of brown. This helped make the volume appear large.

Could you highlight the décor elements used in the office?

Few colours were introduced with graphical compositions in specific areas that were to be focused on. These walls carry one liner inspirational quotes meant for the staff. Only the quotes which aligned with the work philosophy of the office were selectively used. The flooring was maintained light using more subtle coloured tiles. This helped brighten up the space as well. Veneer was extensively used in the Director’s cabin to create a formal ambience.

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