Sober Stance

Simplistic interior is all about getting the right blend of colours, décor and design. Arrivae interacts with expert to understand the creative aspects that aids in getting the combination right.

Client Expectation: Ajit Otovnekar wanted to design his 2 BHK flat with minimalist theme. For his 2 BHK apartment he wanted a sober look and did not want to invest too much as he planned to give it on rent or use it as a weekend home.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the design with minimal décor elements and sober colour scheme.

Designer Priyanka Kale

What was the colour scheme used for the project?

As Ajit Otovnekar desired a very simple and sober look and feel, we used light colours like beige and cream coupled with laminate furniture.

What is the highlight of the project?

Sober touch and feel is the main distinctive feature here. If you look at the master bedroom, it portrays a calm and welcoming vibe. Fabrics like jute and soft leather used here lend a distinct look and feel to the space. Keeping the minimalist theme in mind, selected furniture was placed in each of the rooms of Mr. Otovnekar. Shades of beige and cream used in the living and master bedroom reinforced the theme used apart from giving it a cosy appearance. To reiterate the simplicity factor, we used LED lights. Chandeliers and soft lights is another unique feature that adds a distinct character. The colour scheme was continued on the furniture and was customized adhering to the needs of the project.

How did you manage to achieve the minimalist theme in the kid’s room?

The feature that stands out in the kid’s space is the photo of the child behind the bed. Appropriate storage with display of different types of toys is visually appealing. Wardrobe with PU coating decks up the space beautifully.

Could you specify the décor elements used in the project?

As the client wanted us to stay away from giving the space a bulky appearance, minimal décor and accessories were used. You will find murals, back-painted glass, wallpaper, artifacts and lamination used in the project that stands out against the background that has a sober look and feel to it.

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