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Kid’s room interiors can be achieved with minimalistic theme concentrating on a simple look and feel. Arrivae interacts with expert to understand the provisions to execute the theme.

Client Expectation: Client wanted their kid’s room to have a simple and light feel.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the project with the minimalistic theme catering to the requirements of the client.

Roshni Sawant

How did you execute the minimalistic theme for the kid’s room?

For the 12 year old daughter and 18 year old son, the client desired a simple and sober theme. To honour this decision, we chose the minimalistic concept. Use of white throughout the space was intentional as we wanted to give the space an airy appearance. As pink was the favourite colour, you will find this hue used in this area.

Did the client have any unique preference for this project?

The client and his family were well informed and knew exactly what they wanted and we worked towards fulfilling their requirements in the best way possible. Essential furniture like bed, a small television unit and side table were provided minus any study table as desired by the client. We gave required space for the wardrobe unit as well. One of the highlights of the kid’s area was the wardrobe as it was custom-made in such a way that ensured all the clothes and required stuff could be fit inside. For this, adequate shelves and drawers were given.

Was there any specific input provided by the client?

The 12 year old daughter had a particular preference for the kind of fittings to be used in her bathroom. She researched a lot and recommended us to get in touch with FCML for the same. As a result, a unique pull and slide mechanism was used. This was a novel concept priced at one lakh rupees at the time of executing the project.

What was the theme used in the son’s room?

The son’s room was being used as a guest bedroom as he had left for higher studies. It had the essential furniture like bed, side table and little space given for the wardrobe. As the space was vacant and not being utilized much, part of the room was converted into a laundry area and adequate provision was given for the same.

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