Multipurpose Execution

Home office can be created with simple design and functional elements. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to understand the perspective that adds a unique dimension to the home office.     

Client Requirement: Ravi Mallde in Kandivali East desired a simple home office.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the design with furniture for multipurpose use.

Designer Mahesh Panchal

How did you execute the design for the home office in the Ravi Mallde project?

You don’t need a big space to create a home office. All you need is a smart way to work around the available space either in a bedroom or living to convert it into an office. For Ravi Mallde who desired a space to work from home, we chose to intelligently convert a part of the guest bedroom into a small office and found it suitable to make the space multifunctional using furniture with multipurpose use. The guest bedroom had an extra bed and a decision was taken to make use of it for the home office.

To adhere to the client’s requirement for the home office, we designed a folding bed that could be used for official purpose. The significance of this folding bed is that it can be converted to a table that can be used for official use during day time and could retract to become a bed during night time. This feature helped to save space and gave the customer the option to use his office space seamlessly. The space was utilized to the maximum keeping the comfort element in mind.

What were the décor elements used for the home office?

Due to the space constraint, it made sense to opt for simple storage for the home office. For a clutter free work environment, enough storage was provided to stack the files away in drawers and give it a neat appearance. To update the compact space and give it a decorative touch, we added wallpaper with a shimmer design.

What kind of furniture have you placed in this space?

Considering that the space won’t be used for official purpose at all times and the main purpose would be to accommodate guests, we kept the furniture simple and few in numbers so that it could fit into the space and not clutter the room at the same time. We had a running workstation, revolving chair and some basic furniture to accommodate three people. We also had a sofa that served multipurpose use. This could be converted to bed during the night time and used as a seating arrangement during day time.

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