Oriental Expose

Oriental décor is all about bling, glitz and glamour. Arrivae interacts with expert to find out details that will help you accentuate your interiors using the Oriental style.

Client Expectation: Mr. Mathew desired interiors with Oriental theme.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Designed a living room with a bar counter that can be converted into a buffet station as the client loved to host a lot of people.

Architect Abhay Patil

How did you manage to achieve the oriental theme for Mr. Mathew?

Mr. Mathew had a big living room (300 sq. ft) and loved to host a lot of people and parties. This space had a formal seating for guests. We decided to convert a small area of the living into a bar and glamourize it with shimmering elements that reiterate the oriental theme.

What were the different elements added to increase the aesthetic value of a space?

The entire theme used for the décor was Oriental as per the brief given by the client. Purple back-painted toughened glass with oriental designs was used. Light fixtures, chandeliers, custom designed loose furniture, Buddha painting, etc. were important features that completed the décor. Since Oriental pattern is all about glitter and shine, we matched the design taste with the décor. Mr. Mathew was a well-travelled person and had collected a lot of curios from around the world. All these elements intentionally became a part of the décor.

How did you accessorize the bar area to give it a unique touch?

To add glamour to the bar area, we added crystal chandeliers on top of the dining area. Another unique feature in this space is the Buddha image placed above the seating area that was highlighted with two wall lights enclosed in glass. This gives a unique identity to the beige wall and adds character to the living cum bar area. The Buddha image on the wall gives a calm and composed feel to the space. To accentuate the living cum bar area, we added dimmer lights that could brighten and go dim as and when required. This feature is suitable to the ambience that was created to accommodate the bar.

Sofa with cushions again in shimmer design reiterates the oriental theme further. Artifacts and travel curios from the client were placed on the shelf. To entertain guests, there was a functional television unit with accessories like flower vase. Crocodile leather finish centre table and Roman blind on the window sets the space apart and complements the surrounding décor flawlessly. The Oriental theme was carried forward with pink marble natural stone on the flooring. The façade of the bar unit was again in back-painted glass and the counter was of white Corian apart from few open display for bottles and glasses.

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