Prepping Your Home For The Monsoon: An Essentials Checklist!

Monsoon, while a highly desired season that brings respite right after the scorching summer, also brings unwanted issues with it. Leaks, dampness and power cuts are part and parcel of season. Don’t get your spirits down however, our monsoon essentials checklist is here to the rescue!

1. Begin With The Basics

Umbrella stand: Make a designated spot for an umbrella stand, preventing wet puddles and keeping your entryway dry. Ensure the umbrella stand doesn’t have any gaps at the bottom to avoid water draining on the floor.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is key, particularly in damp areas like the bathroom and kitchen, to prevent mould growth from excess moisture. If a space doesn’t have windows, consider installing exhaust fans. 

Dehumidifier: Investing in a dehumidifier is never a bad choice. It sucks up moisture to control humidity levels and prevents musty odours from permeating your home. 

2. Fix Up Potential Problems

Electric connections: Get your home’s sockets and other wired connections inspected and tightened up by a qualified electrician to prevent short circuits or other damages.

Leaky pipes & roofs: Fix any leaks in pipes, faucets or the roof to prevent water damage and potential flooding inside your home. 

Clean drains: Clear clogged drains in your kitchen, bathroom and balcony to prevent water from backing up and eventually overflowing. 

3. Protect Your Belongings

Electronics: Move electronics away from windows or other inlets, and cover them with dust covers if there’s a risk of leaks. Try keeping electronics unplugged during thunderstorms and opt for power banks to charge them.

Documents: Ensure that all your important documents are stored in waterproof containers to protect them from moisture damage.

Clothes & bedding: Invest in airtight storage containers for clothes and bedding not in use to prevent mould growth from dampness. Cloth items will likely face drying issues, depending on the fabric. Consider drying out clothes with the help of a heater so they don’t stay damp and create a musty smell. 

Bonus tip: Stock up on rain essentials like flashlights, extra batteries, and even candles in case of power outages.

Use this checklist to make your home monsoon ready!

Ο Umbrella stand

Ο Proper ventilation

Ο Dehumidifier

Ο Electric connections checked

Ο Leaky pipes & roofs fixed

Ο Drains cleaned

Ο Electronics covered

Ο Documents stored safely

Ο Clothes and bedding stored safely

How Can Arrivae Help?

By following this checklist, you ensure your home is prepared to weather the monsoon season efficiently. Need guidance in designing your dream home interiors, or waterproofing it for the rainy season? Check out our blogs or follow us on Instagram for more tips from our experts.

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