The 7 Biggest Interior Design Trends Of 2022

Thanks to an unprecedented and unexpected few years, we have seen people focus on creating living spaces that are soothing and relaxing while also catering to all their needs. The top interior design trends of 2022 reflect this shift. Here is a quick look:

1. Earthy Hues

Warm hues that remind people of the outdoors like rich browns, lush greens and soft taupes took centrestage. The various shades of these colours offer versatility — as accents, as a part of the primary palette or a monochromatic look. They also represent a shift in preference from stark neutrals to more cozy yet expressive tones.

2. Biophilic Design

To foster a connection with nature and be more mindful of our ecological impact, biophilic design remained popular just as in 2020 and 2021. The use of natural materials like stoneware, terracotta, wood, linen and jute saw a rise. Rough textures, biomorphic shapes, earthy objects such as crystals, indoor gardens and botanical motifs are a few more highlights of this trend.

3. Multifunctional Spaces

Since the home continues to function as the office space, gym, school and more, people are choosing designs that serve many purposes. This multifunctionality manifested by incorporating multiple zones into the same room such as the workstation in the living room or the use of furniture that does double duty such as trundle beds with nested desks and built-in storage.

4. Elevated Outdoors

The appreciation for outdoor spaces, especially offshoots of our homes, sky-rocketed. People curated highly functional and aesthetic outdoor spaces by experimenting with textiles, furniture and light. Choosing weather-proof furniture or creating transitional indoor-outdoor spaces allowed people to enjoy nature in all weathers.

5. Curvilinear Forms

Rounded shapes help soften the edges in contemporary and modern design and architecture to create home interiors that feel inviting and safe. Curvilinear furniture adds a sculptural element as well — the Noguchi table is a classic example. Wall accents, patterns and artwork are some other ways that were used to introduce these softer, sensual forms into homes.

6. Smart Homes

Tech-based interior design is a trend that’s here to stay. It allows the convenience and ease of controlling many elements in your home using a single gadget. From temperature and humidity control to security, from automated lighting and self-shading windows to music and more, you can adjust all of it to your liking with just a few taps on your smart phones.

7. Mixing Design Styles 

Interior design, like fashion, became a medium of self expression in 2022 with people re-interpreting and revising various interior styles to suit their personal aesthetic. You see the lines blurring between many styles. For example, a combination of vintage and contemporary resulted in the grand-millenial trend. Other wildly popular aesthetics and styles include cottagecore, Japandi and eclectic.


In love with any of these trends? Reach out to our experts today to design your dream home interiors today! To learn more about the trends in the industry or for design inspiration and tips, head over to our blog.

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