The Glamour of Gold

Are you looking to revamp your home this festive season to bring in some glitz and glamour? All you need is a #GoldKaTadka! Read on to find the best ways to add the Midas touch to your home.

1) Textiles

Introduce colour, pattern and texture to a room with gold textile accents. Jazz up a monochromatic or dual-toned palette with gold throw pillows, incorporate elements like silk curtain ties or an area rug with hints of gold. For traditional or Victorian-inspired interiors, let gold be the hero with self-patterned damask or brocade upholstery.


2) Lighting

Lighting fixtures can make all the difference in a room. Create a focal point with a gold and crystal chandelier over the seating area in the living room or achieve the same effect in the dining room with pendant lights. If you’re looking for subtler options, vintage gold table lamps, candle holders and sconces work better. Combine the fixtures with yellow light for a soft, moody look.


3) Hardware

Think of hardware as the finishing touches to your decor. Change out your old hardware for chic gold alternatives. Gold hardware is also a great way to introduce juxtaposition to your interiors — for example, you can pair rustic aged wood cabinets with engraved handles, a vintage dresser with matte sunburst knobs and so on.


4) Furniture

Turn your home into a gilded haven with gold furniture! If you’re looking for statement pieces, opt for a coffee table, chairs, or sofa frames with exposed gold legs. For dramatic and moody interiors, pair gold furniture with rich, dark hues like black, emerald, navy blue, etc. In a room with a light or neutral palette, use gold accented furniture to brighten it up. Instead of the conventional pieces, consider a metal bookcase, clear-top side tables or a vintage gold bar cart.


5) Accessories

Infuse your personality in your home with accessories and little knick-knacks. Replace your bland decor with hints of gold — planters, gilded frames and artworks are great starting points. If you prefer minimal decor, opt for functional pieces such as coasters, vases and clocks in gold tones. To ensure consistency in decor, the accent should be reflected across the room and the home.


How can Arrivae help you?

At Arrivae we provide end-to-end interior design services to help you design your dream home. The process is made easier with our staggered payment plan and low cost EMI options. For more details, visit our Experience Centers spread over eight major cities or get in touch with our designers over a call.

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