The Magic of Wallpapers


Wallpapers have been around for many years but the trend is catching up now in India. Earlier wallpapers were considered a foreign concept but as people have started experimenting with their home décor, they have opened up to various interior styles. People want their house to represent their personality so the décor is required to be a style statement. Wallpapers are tasteful, easy to use and available in various colours and textures. They have the ability to transform a regular room into a highly personalised space. What wallpapers can do, normal paints cannot. The designs and prints are impossible to achieve with paints. And what if you get bored of the existing print and design? You take it off and redo. There are immense possibilities with wallpapers. All you need is a little imagination and voila, your house will be as good as brand new.

When you decide to use wallpapers in your house, here are a few handy tips:

  • Yes, wallpapers are easy to put up but it is best to hire a professional as you would not want a botched up job in your house.
  • Just like a painted wall, wallpapers are also sensitive to children and pets. Keep them from scratching and drawing on the walls.
  • Wallpapers being papers are not heat or water resistant. So keep these elements away from them.
  • Do not use rough material for cleaning the wallpapers. Use a dry cloth of wiping any dust and a damp cloth for removing stains.
  • Do not use bleach or any harsh chemical to clean the wallpapers.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get some nice wallpaper and magically transform your house.

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