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Warm and inviting are the characteristic features of English style interiors. Arrivae interacts with expert to delve into the details that brings out the vintage charm in a space using the right approach.        

Client Expectation: Desired an office in the house and accommodation for accountant and self.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Converted one of the bedrooms into a small office and opted for neutral colour scheme.

Architect Shahen Mistry

Did you have any specific theme in mind while designing the home office?

The client desired an English classical theme for his home office. This preference was taken forward by giving the space a formal look and feel. The presence of marble carving on the table reiterates the luxurious appeal that the classical theme stands for. As the style is all about giving the space a vintage characteristic, the floors have been treated with engineered wood and paneling done in smoked veneer.

To continue with the classic appeal in the space, we have kept the colour scheme sober and subtle using brown and beige. This hue adds a calm and soothing vibe to the space. Beige and olive coloured wallpaper in floral design embodies the decorative touch to this home office. Lamps with metal and crystal fixture illuminate the home office, keeping the vintage charm intact.

Tell us about the highlight of this project?

The client did not want the accountant table to be visible while he was working in the home office. To cater to this aspect, we created a cabinet with functional features. The main highlight of this cabinet is that when it is shut, it resembles a neat cabinet and conceals the accountant table seamlessly. On the other hand, when the cabinet is open, it gets converted into a plain and elegant study area.

Could you tell us about the storage given in this home office?

The home office has the right amount of space to accommodate the accountant and adequate furniture for the occupant. While selecting the furniture for the vintage theme, special attention was given to the comfort and functional aspect. Chair placed in the space again gives it an elegant look and feel. Similarly elegant designer seating area executed in wood gives a unique charm to the space. The entire storage cum library cum staff unit was neatly pushed to one wall, giving it an uncluttered look and feel and orderly appearance. An inbuilt mandir was created on the opposite wall that gives the home office a serene and pleasant atmosphere and complements the vintage theme impeccably.

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