White Sense

White gives a spacious and airy feel to any space including the kitchen. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to give an insight on the aesthetic aspects that contributes to execute a white kitchen.

Architect Keyur Asarawala

Client Expectation: Nimish Shah wanted an open kitchen that appeared big and designed in a way that was in accordance with Vastu.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Selected the location in such a way that the kitchen could get natural light.

Could you give us few details about the project?

The sprawling 3 BHK apartment comprising of 1700 sq. ft had 100 sq. ft. of kitchen space to be worked on. We had to consider the existing building structure and worked on the kitchen space keeping the demands of the structure in mind.

What were the different elements used to execute the white kitchen?

The entire kitchen countertop was done in Dupont Corian. We used white colour lamination for the surface. To break the monotony created by white hue, we added yellow colour to the handles. For the overhead cabinets, we used black that adds a contrasting feel to the kitchen.

How did you give a unique feel to the white kitchen?

To give the kitchen a feeling of openness, we used sliding doors. The backsplash of the kitchen had panel with cutouts so that the kitchen could get access to natural ventilation and light from the living room too. Grey back painted glass was used as it prevents stain and glass is easy to maintain.

We used full height glass doors because there was a window near the kitchen and natural light could enter indoors. Another reason to use full height glass doors was that you can keep it open throughout the day. To add warmth to the otherwise stark white and black we used flooring with wooden finish.

The lighting option was LEDs to get more light on to the counter and indirect lights. Overhead cabinets only on the hob side have black back painted glass. Hettich soft channels and overhead storage was used to give the kitchen a modular feel.

Did you face any challenges while executing the white kitchen project?

With reference to the colour scheme, we thought since white could give a monotonous feel to the kitchen, we used yellow accent and black to give a little contrast to the white kitchen.

What was the client’s reaction to the outcome?

Nimish Shah was very happy with the end result. Initially he was skeptical about the countertop. We informed him that Dupont is a big brand and showed a certificate which mentions that spices would not stain the countertop. Dupont prevents the countertop from getting stains. We also informed him about another project where we used the material and demonstrated its stain free feature.

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