5 Ways To Give Kids Rooms A Desi Touch

Indian style interiors have a unique charm. The bold colours, patterns, engravings, intricate handicrafts and more infuse interiors with personality and flair. After all, who doesn’t like a little desi drama? Typical Indian decor elements are a great way to enhance your home interiors, particularly your little one’s room. Introduce them to our rich cultural and artistic heritage and create a stunning haven by incorporating Indian décor in their room.

1. Art styles that translate to murals

Murals are a fun way to add vibrant, artistic and animated elements to their rooms. With so many styles of Indian art to choose from, you needn’t look far— warli, Gond, pattachitra are just a few options to choose from for a mural in children’s rooms. A narrative style scene or one depicting a mythological episode can boost children’s imaginations.

2. Distinctive local textiles

Indian textiles are known for their remarkable use of bright hues and distinctive motifs that lend a lively mood to interiors. For a child that loves animals, choose textiles with prints of elephants, peacocks, parrots and fish to add interesting elements to your child’s room. Floral prints are perfect for a princess themed room.

3. Intricate dark wood furniture 

Dark wood furniture with elaborate carvings and inlays is an Indian design mainstay. A four-post bed with sheer canopy, a vintage almirah or study desk and chair set can be great additions to your children’s room. Teak, walnut, mahogany and rosewood, stained in deep brown tones lend a touch of desi drama while also being a safe natural choice for your kids rooms interiors.

4. Stylish and protective area rugs

Open play area is crucial for toddlers and children, but there’s always some fear of them falling and hurting themselves. In come area rugs! They can provide your child all the protection they need against cold floors and any stumbles. Hand-knotted rugs made of natural fibres like silk, wool and cotton are great options. Choose a popular design such as Botteh, Bidjar and Mahal to introduce some desi décor to your child’s room.

5. Statement desi lighting

A play of light, shadow and colour can grab your little one’s attention like no other. Lamps or sconces with kaleidoscopic etched shades can create beautiful patterns that dance across the room. For something more rustic, consider a traditional paraffin style lamp as sconces. Warm yellow lighting can instantly make any space feel cosy and safe, making it the right choice for your child’s room.

How can Arrivae help you?

Arrivae believes in designing YOUR dream home, per your style, taste, needs and lifestyle. The customer is at the centre of our process. This applies even when it comes to children’s rooms— our design experts are well versed in different styles and will ensure that your child’s vision comes to life. Reach out to get a free quote for your dream home today!

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