8 Playful Bed Designs For Kids Room

You know you’ve got the design of your kid’s room right when they never want to leave! The key to the perfect room is a flawless bed. Here are some of Arrivae’s quirky, whimsical and fun bed designs that keep your child happy — making you happy, too.

1. A room within a room

Who doesn’t like multiple cosy spaces in their room? This loft bed with an alcove underneath is the perfect spot for your little one to spend some time alone or just cuddle up with friends. Customise this design by changing the entrance shape to the alcove— like an arch or a hut shape.

2. Loft bed with storage underneath

Just because children have to share their room doesn’t mean everything has to be the same — or matching. This Arrivae kids’ room captures the essence of two siblings with different personalities perfectly. The loft bed with hut-shaped cabinet design is playful and the right amount of adventurous for a young one while the simple bed is perfect for a teen looking for something chic yet cosy.

3. Treehouse design for bunk beds

If your children love the outdoors and camping, they’ll fall in love with this treehouse bed design. The built-in slide is just what they need for a cheerful start to the day. You can play around with the layout of this bunk bed to figure out what works best for your children. If you want L-shaped or T-shaped bunk beds, we can customise the design for you.

4. An enclosing headboard

This hut shape enclosure design for the headboard creates a safe and cocooning environment for children. Making it easy for them to wind down and relax. Modify this design by designing in-built storage across the headboard wall leaving a hut shape cut out for the same effect!

5. Multifunctional trundle bed

If your little one is a host in the making and frequently has friends over, Arrivae’s signature multifunctional trundle bed is just what you need. It has a pull out study desk that can accommodate 2-3 children for a study session. The additional bed provides enough room to host a best friend sleepover.

6. A four post bed fit for royalty

A four post bed with enclosing curtains is the best way to add a luxe yet whimsical touch to your child’s room. For a slightly rustic look, we used light to mid-tone wood finish for this room. But you could choose a metal frame for a modern look.

7. A loft bed with stairs

Ideal for a small room, this Arrivae bed design makes room for a study area and additional storage in the stairs. The combination of wood and white laminate gives it a Scandinavian look, but you can change it up to better fit your child’s preferences.

8. A picture-perfect dramatic headboard 

A dramatic headboard is an excellent way to elevate a bed design. This ornate, gold-tinged headboard instantly turned this bed into a perfect for a princess. Involve your child in the design process for results they are bound to enjoy.

How can Arrivae help you?

With Arrivae’s end-to-end interior design services and exclusive design technique, Wooden Fun Kids designing the perfect room for your child has never been easier. With Wooden Fun Kids, you get interiors with playful designs, are child-proof and made with high-quality materials. For more details, visit our Experience Centres spread over eight major cities or get in touch with our designers over a call for a free consultation.

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