7 creative ways to use wallpaper in your home

Wallpapers are a full package— splash of colour, pattern and texture all rolled into one element— that can instantly elevate your interiors with the perfect accents. But covering your walls can be a huge commitment. So whether you want to sample it first or want to add pops to your interiors, here are 8 creative ways to use wallpaper in your home.

1. Line bookshelves

Add dynamism and flair to your book shelves by lining the insides in wallpaper. A self patterned or embossed wallpaper in earthy or jewel tones would create perception of depth. A brighter hue such as fuschia, lime green or sunny yellow, on the other hand, can liven up the space. 

2. Tabletops

Looking to upcycle your worn and old surfaces? Cover the surface of your dining table, study desk, coffee and end tables, or even vanity in luxurious wallpaper. This is also a great trick to add a motif to your interiors that repeats throughout the house and lends to a cohesive look. Protect the surfaces and the wallpaper from further wear by covering it in at least ¼” glass slab.

3. Storage

Stylised home decor always adds an element of luxury in interiors such as monogrammed linens, coordinated stationary and so on. Another easy and pocket-friendly way to do it is covering any storage in wallpaper- from file folders to bins and even outsides of dresser drawers and cabinets. Avoid the matchy-matchy look by choosing wallpapers with different patterns and texture but with the same base colour. 

4. Pair with panelling

An entire wall covered in wallpaper may not be for everyone. An excellent alternative to it is pairing it with panelling or moulding. Use mouldings as frames for wallpaper or go half and half with wainscoting. For a put together look, ensure that the colour of the moulding is pulled from the wallpaper. Enhance the accent wall with track lights or decorative scones.

5. Frame as art work for gallery wall

If you’re planning to design a gallery wall, a great way to fill up some blacks is to frame any excess wallpaper as artwork. You could even make a collage out of the scraps for a quilt like effect. This’ll add a pop of colour to your gallery wall while also lending your interiors uniformity. 

6. Stair risers

Want to turn your stairs into a grand feature on a budget? Wallpaper may be just the alternative you’re looking for. Choose a wallpaper design that mimics handmade repeat designs like those on Moroccan or Portuguese tiles. Cut it into squares to achieve the tiling effect. You could even pick two to three complementary patterns and alternate them to make it more visually appealing.

7. Cover lampshades

If you’re only looking to use up any leftover wallpaper from another project, consider using it to  upgrade your lampshades. You can do it for table lamps, sconces and chandeliers. The soft glow and play of light will create a cosy environment.

How can Arrivae help you?

At Arrivae, we take a human centric approach to design, where YOUR needs, style and aesthetics are at the forefront of all the decisions. Our design experts provide options that are best suited to your lifestyle and reflect your personality and are within your budget. So whether you’re looking to give your home a makeover, design your dream home from scratch, or just want to redo one room, get in touch for a free quote!


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