Budget-friendly décor ideas to elevate your living room interiors

You needn’t always redo your entire space to create luxurious interiors- changing up your décor and restyling can do wonders. Turn your living room into your favourite place in the house and leave your guests in awe with our top tips to make your living room look expensive on a budget.

1. Unique pieces

Vintage heirloom furniture, thrifted antiques all contribute to lend your interiors an elegant look and feel. They show that you have a distinct taste and reflect the intentionality you put into decorating the space. This could range from furniture pieces like a diwan or dresser that you’ve inherited to lamps, mirrors, oil paintings, jewellery boxes and other knick-knacks that you’ve sourced.

2. Warm and soft lighting

Lighting is key to making any space look expensive. The golden hour glow from the evening sun and the softness of warm yellow fairy lights can make everything look nice. Sheer curtains are trendy and cheap and have a knack for looking more expensive than they actually are, and same goes for fairy lights. Additionally, you may want to layer the lighting in your living room instead of  a one or two statement piece.

3. Cohesive décor

Instead of cluttering your surfaces with knick-knacks all over the room, use them to curate gorgeous vignettes. A cluster of themed decor such as candles, vases and crystals in a ceramic tray. Pick a colour scheme for each but play around with sizes and textures to make it visually interesting.

4. Metal accents

The subtle luxury of metal accents is unparalleled. Swap your hardware or simply spray paint it, add distressed metal trinkets and sleek lighting fixtures for an instant upgrade. Keep it minimal to avoid a gaudy look.

5. Rugs

Soft, plush rugs are a great way to ground the various zones in your living room and make the space feel inviting. While a large heirloom quality rug is a better investment in the long run, there are alternatives you can try. Instead of buying one large rug, choose multiple smaller ones and then layer them to make it look like one rug. This way you also get a personalised and unique look that adds to the luxuriousness.

6. Artwork

Artwork adds a personal touch and reflects your taste instantly elevating your living room interiors. Maintain a common element throughout for a cohesive and curated look- it could be similar frames, a repeating colour scheme or same style of art.

7. Plants and fresh flowers

Lush plants and full, bright bouquets easily liven up a space and fill it up with vibrance. Strategically place bouquets teeming with flowers and greens on focal points such as the dining table, coffee table and the mantle. If you’ve a green thumb, include verdant plants in your living room décor- a window sill garden, large tropical plants replacing end tables are some of your options.

8. Decorative Mouldings

An easy and pocket-friendly design element that is timeless is decorative moulding. Opt for intricate crown moulding or simple arched moulding and paint it the same as the wall colour for a sophisticated look.

How can Arrivae help you?

At Arrivae, we take a human centric approach to design, where YOUR needs, style and aesthetics are at the forefront of all the decisions. Our design experts provide options that are best suited to your lifestyle and reflect your personality and are within your budget. So whether you’re looking to give your home a makeover, design your dream home from scratch, or just want to redo one room, get in touch for a free quote!

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