8 Tips For Baby-Proofing Your Home

Most people would prefer to focus on the more fun bits of having a child in the house like designing the nursery, picking out clothes and planning excursions. But there are also more mundane tasks to tackle, such as baby-proofing the house before your child starts crawling and grabbing things. Make your home a safe haven for your child with our baby-proofing tips.

1. Solutions for sharp corners

Ensure that all the furniture that you buy has smooth, finished edges and rounded corners. For all the furniture that you already have, you can have a professional add a face board or edge banding and sand down the corners. For a quick fix, you can also just cover the corners with silicone corner guards.

2. Cover electrical outlets

Conceal all the outlets and plugs in use behind furniture where possible. For ones that you don’t use, use sellotape or duct tape to cover it up. For something a little more permanent, cover them up with hollow boxes with a sliding door.

3. Prioritise multifunctionality

While decluttering is one way to make space for all things baby related, what you need to prioritise is furniture that does double duty. For example, a dresser that also works as a changing table, a crib that grows with your child, pouffes, sofas and side tables that also have storage and so on.

4. Hide and lock all that you can

Keep all sharp objects, fire hazards, chemicals and breakables as far out of children’s reach as possible. Either move them to a higher shelf or stow them away in cabinets or drawers with locks. You can also add stove guards to your burners to avoid any gas leaks.

5. Install railings or gates

Install railings or gates with locks at all entrances and top of any stairs to avoid any accidental tumbles. Gates are particularly a great option to stop children from wandering into the kitchen or a bathroom.

6. Choose heavy furniture

Children are always pulling at furniture for support to stand up, and some may even be curious enough to learn how to climb up. Furniture that is heavy and grounded will not easily topple over when your child tugs at it.

7. Pick child-friendly materials

Synthetic fabrics are not breathable and may suffocate your child, many wall paints and engineered wood emit VOCs, fumes that are harmful for babies. Do your research before choosing the materials for the nursery.

8. Protect your textiles

Children have a habit of getting their grubby hands everywhere and ruining some of your favourite furniture, rugs, drapes and such. Hire professionals that will coat your furnishings in a protective coat. In case of any spills or stains you just need to wipe it down.

How can Arrivae help you?

With Arrivae’s end-to-end interior design services and exclusive design technique, Wooden Fun Kids designing the perfect room for your child has never been easier. With Wooden Fun Kids, you get interiors with playful designs, are child-proof and made with high-quality materials. For more details, visit our Experience Centres spread over eight major cities or get in touch with our designers over a call for a free consultation.

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