9 Clever Storage Solutions For Kid’s Rooms

Does it seem like your child’s room is always a mess, with more and more clutter piling up no matter what you do ? Fret not, this is pretty normal for children. And so creating enough storage in their rooms to keep everything organised and the surfaces clean is crucial. At Arrivae, we provide design solutions that work best for our clients and here are some of the storage solutions that have worked wonderfully.

1. Under the bed

There may be some things that children may not require all that often but need within easy reach — such as art supplies and seasonal wear especially in winter. This is when under-bed storage like in this Arrivae bed design comes in handy.

2. Loft bed with wardrobe underneath

This Arrivae loft bed design is the perfect solution for small and narrow kid’s rooms. We put to use the empty space beneath the raised bed and converted it into a storage unit. You can customise it for any configuration of cabinets, drawers and shelves that suits your child’s needs.

3. Steps double up as hidden storage

Multifunctional design elements are excellent space saving options for any room, particularly kids’ rooms. Instead of adding a storage unit, we turned the steps to the upper bunk into hidden drawer storage. With this additional space, the surfaces in the room can remain clutter-free.

4. Under the seating nook

Another crevice that can double up as storage is the space under seating areas. Our built-in seating nook, shown below is the perfect example. This is a great space to stow away board games, toys or extra linens.

5. Cabinet shelving with sliding door

We’ve added our own twist to this classic design by incorporating a sliding, hide-and-seek shutter. Just hide the clutter behind the shutter and have the organised sections on display.

6. Cubby style shelves for easy access

Open up floor space by adding wall mounted cubby style shelves and cabinets to the study area. Having all their study paraphernalia in eye-sight will make it easy for your children to remain organised.

7. Utilise the side of the wardrobe

When you’re short on space and need to use every inch available, you must get creative. One way to do it is by adding a storage section to the side of the wardrobe. Add shelves with rails for books, some hooks to put up outerwear, shelves for footwear and such.

8. Pegboard above the study desk

While open shelves and cabinets are go-to options for vertical storage units, if you prefer a cleaner look, install a pegboard above the study desk. You can add various storage containers to it per your child’s requirements- for files, stationary and books.

9. Full length wardrobes with loft cabinets

Another way to make most of the vertical space available to you is to design full-length wardrobes with loft cabinets. They are a great addition to store things that are important but aren’t used frequently such as extra bedding, old school projects and seasonal wear.

How can Arrivae help you?

With Arrivae’s end-to-end interior design services and exclusive design technique, Wooden Fun Kids designing the perfect room for your child has never been easier. With Wooden Fun Kids, you get interiors with playful designs, are child-proof and made with high-quality materials. For more details, visit our Experience Centres spread over eight major cities or get in touch with our designers over a call for a free consultation.

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