A Virgo’s Guide To Easy Home Decor

Because your home is an extension of your personality!

If there’s one word to describe a Virgo’s taste, it’s “classic”. You embrace the idea of minimalism and this is clearly reflected in your home. While you may prefer modern decor over rustic or vice versa, you try to keep it subtle and easy on the eyes. For you, cleanliness is next to godliness, which essentially means that your house will never be shabby, no matter what. Being an Earth sign, you cherish sunlight, plants, and open spaces; closed spaces make you uncomfortable. 

Here are some decor tips that will tickle every Virgo’s fancy – 

1. Colour Palette – Earth

As is typical of an Earth sign, Virgos are drawn to earth tones, softer, neutral shades like greys, browns, chestnut, gentle green, ice blue, and the like. Ever the perfectionist, you find it easier to clean and organise your spaces when the walls are painted in earth tones.


2. Organised, tidy spaces

If you’re a Virgo, chances are that your house is so neat that Monica Geller would approve of it! 

You’re also likely to resort to de-cluttering and redecorating your room for comfort. There’s absolutely no room for cluttered spaces in your dwelling. Every item in your house is there for a purpose, whether it’s a framed piece of art, mirror, armchair, lamp – you name it. You like your spaces to be neat and tidy, with everything exactly where it’s supposed to be. 

Think wall-units and multiple shelves to sort your belongings. 

Pro tip – Try colour-coordinating your bookshelf or arranging items in your wardrobe by size!


3. Minimalistic-contemporary spaces

You’re a minimalist-realist kind of a person, which means plush items and overly bold colours are a no-no for you. Same goes for flashy, loud pieces of furniture. You prefer classic pieces that are just as functional as they are aesthetically appealing. You feel more at home with softer colour palettes, with a touch of green here and a splash of brown there. Since you only own the things you really need, your spaces end up looking naturally tidy, i.e., hello minimalistic vibes! 

So, there you have it. There’s a different decor style for everyone, and if you’re not sure what you want, we can help you!

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