Never Too Late For Diwali Cleaning!

Diwali is just around the corner! Do you know what that means? Holidays, shopping sprees, binging on sweets, and, let us face it – cleaning! It is probably the only thing you dread about Diwali, besides firecrackers. Besides being a mere custom, Diwali is the only time we actually get some cleaning done!

If the fast-paced life has claimed you, we are here to tell you that it isn’t too late to begin cleaning.
Here is a quick guide to walk you through it! 

Start with closed spaces:
We are talking about your wardrobes, attics, storage rooms, and the like. These are the spaces that are less likely to get dirty soon. Start with such spaces. This saves you the trouble of redoing them by the time Diwali is here. 

Windows & glassware:

window cleaning

One of the first things that the term “Diwali cleaning” brings to your head is scrubbing your windows and floors, isn’t it? Well, it is not really as difficult as you would think. Instead of using store-bought chemicals for windows, try instead a mixture of vinegar and water. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it on the windows, and then wipe it off after a few seconds, preferably with a microfibre cloth – Voilà! Spotless glasses in a matter of minutes.
This can also be used for your crockery, glassware and door handles! This clever cleaning hack that can save you several minutes of scrubbing.

Note– Take care not to leave the solution on for more than just a few seconds, as it may damage the glass if left longer. Wipe off all the traces of vinegar. 

Floor & tiles:

floor cleaning

We can all agree that cleaning the floor and tiles of a house is a nightmarish task! With the amount of oil, dust, food, and other things that get accumulated between tiles, cleaning them becomes a herculean job. Lucky for you, we have a solution to all of that. Some hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of baking soda is all you need! Mix these two up and try to get a consistency that’s not too thick, not too runny – toothpaste-like. It is really simple, now. Dip an old, used toothbrush in the solution and get cracking. You will be surprised by how quick the grout comes off! 

Don’t ignore your microwave:


The festival of lights brings with itself the age-long tradition of homemade Diwali snacks. If you plan on using your microwave to prepare them, cleaning is absolutely non-negotiable. Here is a simple way to get rid of the traces and smell of leftover food – Take about 20 ml of water and mix the juice of half a lemon in there. If your microwave really smells, consider adding half a tablespoon of white vinegar. Heat this solution up in your microwave at ‘high’ for nearly 10 minutes. This will let the vapours and moisture from the solution settle inside the oven. Take the solution out, and clean the insides with a soft cloth. There you go. Now your oven smells and looks as good as new. 

Taps & utensils:


Hard water stains are quite stubborn, which gives you a hard time trying to remove them. Since Diwali means a lot of hustle and bustle in the house, you cannot afford to spend hours trying to scrub these stains off. Well, vinegar comes to the rescue, again. Take a solution with equal parts apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, spray it on the affected areas for about 10 minutes, and wipe it off. Sparkling clean!

Wrap it up with some disinfectant

Having done all the above, do not forget to give a final touch of disinfectant to your house. This will take care of any and all spaces that may have eluded you. Needless to say, be careful when handling electrical devices. And that is all!

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