Bachelor’s Home Office Redefined

Simple and functional elements define a home office space for a bachelor. Arrivae interacts with expert to list the important features that can be combined to fulfill the requirements of the space.

Architect Prajakta Shirgaonkar

Client Expectation: To have a good colour scheme and young and vibrant look for home office. Since the room was small (10/11), highlighted the space with minimal elements.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Used minimal theme like few furniture and vibrant colour scheme to achieve the end result.

What are the functional elements to be kept in mind for a bachelor’s home office?

Basic storage is the fundamental aspect to be kept in mind while designing a home office for a bachelor. Sleek storage is recommended. Ensure to keep the space free from bulky storage. Minimal storage like few drawers or some inbuilt cabinet is the best option. Also, keep the basic standards of seating arrangement in mind. Furniture should also be minimal in the space. It is essential to have a basic understanding of dimensions. For example, if the height of the desk is two and a half feet, the drawer should not be more than 4 – 5 inches so that you get enough leg room and work comfortably. Similarly, the depth should be nothing less than 1 ft 9 inches. As the home office space is compact, it is necessary to use every inch of the space judiciously to accommodate all the elements necessary for a home office.

How do you manage to carve out the space for the home office?

As desired by Vishal Gupta, we used a nook of the bedroom in order to convert it into a home office. The bedroom had a single bed with two side tables, a study table and a small wardrobe.

Could you specify a few décor elements for the space?

You can have flushed wall hanging headboard to deck up the space. This enhances the space and gives it a sleek look and feel. Wallpaper is another feature that can highlight the area and give it a touch of glamour. The basic profile of the bed can be tapered downwards to achieve a nice look and feel. Vertical shutters can also be tapered. For the colour scheme, you can use a dark navy blue colour scheme combined with white for the entire bedroom for a vibrant feel.

Was there any difficulty faced during the execution of the project?

We had to convince the client about the tapered look for the bed side table as it is a difficult task to have this feature in the modular furniture. The cost for this look is very high which the client ultimately agreed to.

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