L-shape Contour

L-shape kitchens are the best option to choose if you have enough kitchen space. It offers flexibility as you can design storage as per your requirement and have designated space for different kitchen activities. Arrivae highlights the specifics of this design with contributions from expert.

Client Expectation: Chitra Patil (Thane) desired an L – shape kitchen with a nice colour scheme and storage.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the design with beige and coffee shades for the entire laminate in the kitchen.

Designer Kalpana Shelke

Could you give us details on the storage provided in the kitchen?

We provided a tall unit in the kitchen. The advantage of this storage unit is that it has a flexible design and could be converted to a space to accommodate the refrigerator. There are electrical points provided behind the unit for it. If you intend to move the tall unit to a different location, there is enough space created to place the refrigerator. Appropriate storage was given for spice rack and enough drawers were made to take care of the kitchen essentials.

What is the colour scheme used in the kitchen?

As Chitra Patil was looking for a neutral look and feel for her kitchen, we used beige and shades of coffee for the entire laminate in the kitchen.

Did you face any difficulties while executing the L-shape kitchen?

The main challenge faced here was to find a space to fit in the refrigerator in the kitchen. We took care of this aspect by shifting one wall of the bedroom entry and created enough space required to keep the refrigerator. For the 100 – 150 sq. ft. kitchen space, brown granite was used for the countertop.

How did you take care of the safety aspect in the kitchen?

Safety plays a very important role in the kitchen. We had to ensure that the user does not get hurt while performing household chores and feels safe while moving around. To cater to this aspect, we used age bending patty for the edges in the kitchen. This feature also gives a modular appearance to the kitchen. Panel and hanging lights illuminates the space and ensures the user can focus on the cooking activities without any hassles.

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