Structured Setting

Kid’s room can be given an organized look and feel if planned well. Arrivae interacts with expert to find out the unique features that can be put together for a clutter free appearance in a kid’s space.

Client Expectation: Mrs. Anaitha Deboo desired a soothing colour scheme for the kid’s room.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the kid’s room with a sober touch.

Delna Shaikh

How have you given a unique touch to the kid’s room?

For Anaitha Deboo’s seven year old daughter, we used a soothing colour scheme like brown. We have provided a full height partition with glass opening here. Behind the partition, there is the television and study unit attached in L shape. Storage area and a wall library are placed near the study area. Cushion with upholstered bed has been given here that is similar to the master bedroom. Side tables are attached to the wall giving it a floating like appearance.

What is the highlight of the kid’s room?

Full length wardrobe has frosted glass and laminate finish. We have created a small library near the window area. Under this area, there is cabinet and low height seating (small bed). Shoe storage has been created below this low height seating. This wall has a7 ft. book storage. You will find the dressing area placed near the book storage. This dresser has a mirror and laminate finish.

What is the colour scheme used in the space?

As the daughter did not want too much of pink in the room, we used a combination of brown, pink and turquoise blue. The overall colour scheme is light brown and turquoise light blue colour has been used on the ceiling.

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