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Designing a government office has to be looked at from a different perspective. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to understand the theme and decor that would suit the atmosphere of the space.

Client Expectation: Required conference room, minister table, chamber room for the minister and staff room with accommodation for the government office in Mantralaya (Mumbai).

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the government office with required colour scheme and furniture suitable to the premises.

Tushar Magan Suryawanshi

What were the different aspects taken care of for the minister’s cabin?

Since we were designing for a 5,000 sq. ft. government office, we had to ensure that the colour scheme was sober so that it made the inhabitants and visitors feel at ease in the cabin. As the minister desired a clinical look and feel, we used white colour and white lights throughout the cabin and premises. To break the monotony created by the colour scheme, we used patterned wallpaper in the minister’s cabin. To keep the visitors entertained, we provided a television unit in the cabin. As far as furniture is concerned, there were around 40 chairs provided. On the other hand, the staff room was equipped with work table and two chairs.

Was there any provision made for ministers or visitors to relax in the government office?

We provided amenities like the chamber room accommodated with sofa and television unit to ensure the employees of the government office could spend some time for leisure activities. White colour used in this room gave the space a relaxing look and feel.

Could you highlight a distinct element that makes the space stand out?

The false ceiling designed in an angular way stands out in the conference room. This aspect adds a decorative touch to the space.

Did you face any challenges while executing the project?

While working on this project, we had to make sure that there was no inconvenience or disturbance caused to the workforce. For this reason, we had to plan our work schedule in such a way that ministers were not around while the work was in progress. With suitable planning and schedule adherence, we were able to accomplish the project without any hassles.

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