Contemporary chic

Kitchen interiors are moving from traditional to modern design. This wave resulted in streamlining the convenience process. Arrivae takes insights from experts to get the contemporary look right in the kitchen.

Architect Neel Pathare

Client Expectation: Spacious kitchen with a grand look and neat and clean layout with a youthful and interactive appeal for party purpose.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Enhanced kitchen with a semi modular look. Used white PU lamination generously for a plush look. Brown quartz stone was added for the top portion of the kitchen for easy maintenance, glamour appeal and break the monotony of white. This feature gave the space a clean and sleek appearance. Golden hue used in the backsplash gave a rich feel to the interiors that was further accentuated with golden inlay.

What measures did you take to give a contemporary touch to the kitchen?

For Bhavya and and Akansha Rughani’s project in Vile Parle (E) comprising of 1,000 sq. ft. we used marble flooring from the living room to the kitchen. From the functionality point of view, we gave a dedicated concealed space for dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. To continue the contemporary touch, we added attractive features like steel handles with chrome finish.

Did you face any challenges during the project?

We did not face any challenges while executing this project. Initial discussions revealed the basic thought process of the client, and we worked towards fulfilling the couple’s desire without encountering any hassles.

Architect Manan Gala

Client Expectation: Use subtle colours with minimal furniture and clutter free look.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Gave exotic touch with white granite stone used on the counter. One side of the wall was clad with white glass and couple of storage units was used.

Could you throw some light on the contemporary theme?

Hardware plays an important role in a kitchen space. Materials, patterns and textures are introduced in a contemporary design. Colours and materials can be changed to express the preference of the client.


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