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Styling a kid’s room is not a big challenge if you are aware about the interest of the child. As the kid will be spending a lot of time in this space, it is imperative to design it in such a way that it serves as an inspiration for the kid. Arrivae gets in touch with experts to give you different ideas to design a kid’s room.

Sanjiv Thakur & Associates

Client Expectation: Uniqueness in kid’s area for Mr. Patel in Thane.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Achieved uniqueness with paintings on the furniture apart from using different types of laminate.

How did you decorate the kid’s space?

We followed a soothing colour scheme in the kid’s area like pastel shades and bright hues like red, green, blue and yellow. As the kid had a special liking for cartoons, we painted the walls with different cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This added a unique character to the space.

What were the furniture options you chose for the kid’s area?

We opted for wooden furniture, marine ply and 1 mm laminate for the kid’s room. On the whole, 8mm to 10 mm vitrified tiles is preferred for durability reasons compared to wooden flooring that gets damaged when it comes in contact with water frequently. Italian marble flooring was used throughout the house to up the glamour quotient.

Could you specify few unique features that can be used in a kid’s area?

Décor features like curtains or blinds with sports or animal details are attractive elements that can add beauty to a kid’s area. You could also use glow paints easily available with paint companies like Asian Paints etc. to highlight a kid’s room. Another option is to use paints either on the wall or ceiling to decorate the kid’s area.

What were the functional aspects kept in mind for the kid’s area?

As far as the functionality aspect is concerned, we emphasized on the storage aspect and used every inch of space to create more storage. To make optimum use of the space, we used glass shelves to accommodate toys and trophies.

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