Design your teen’s room (13-17 years)

Teenagers get to explore and build their personalities, but this can be a challenging time for them. Having a safe space to themselves with some privacy can make a world of difference. With these tips for a teen’s bedroom, you can design a fun yet relaxing haven for them.

1. Display area

With all the information at their fingertips, teens spend a lot of time exploring new genres of art, music, movies, and other media. And their ever-evolving interests are reflected in their décor. Posters, artworks, cutouts, memorabilia, etc., all find a space in their display. A pegboard, magnetic panel, and open shelves are all great options.

2. A hang-out spot

All teens would love to have a cozy spot to hang out with their friends. Here are a few options to consider:

  • A bench with storage below the window with soft cushions 
  •  A couple of beanbags, a thick rug, and a few pillows 
  • A pair of armchairs with a side table and a throw blanket

3. Lighting options

Lighting is just the way to create the ambiance your teen wants in their bedroom. Fairy lights work well to create soft and whimsical interiors. If your child prefers more expressive environments, mood lighting with multiple colours and dimming options would be a great choice. Ambient lighting is necessary for regular use. Choose recessed options for a sleek look, and pendants or chandeliers for a striking look. Ensure that the desk and bedsides have task lights, preferably white or soft yellow.

4. Focal point

A focal point in any room grounds the space and draws the eye. A dramatic headboard, striking artwork, or a photo wall are all amazing options. For something a little more understated, opt for a solid accent wall, chic pendant lights, or a plush rug. If you want to keep the décor minimal, choose statement furniture such as a four-post bed, a vintage armoire, or a colourful armchair.

5. A dedicated workstation

Teens have their fair share of schoolwork. A dedicated workstation will give them the space to focus while studying. Additionally, they can create an entire workflow with all their books and gadgets within easy reach. Here are some essentials you can customize or build on: a sleek desk, an ergonomic chair, and wall-mounted cabinets or shelves. Ensure that the area is well-lit.

6. Add personal touches

There are many different ways teens can express their personality through their room. One is through their interests and hobbies— displaying artwork, a library corner, using musical instruments as décor, and so on. A neon sign with their name or a favourite quote would be a chic addition.

You can add pops of your child’s favourite colours through patterns, artwork, textiles, etc. You can do it with mood lighting as well! You can design a photo wall for them to put up new memories they make. Or pepper souvenirs from travels or heirlooms around the room.

How can Arrivae help you?

Designing a child’s room is no easy task. With Arrivae’s end-to-end interior design services you can now design the perfect room for your teen. With our new product technique, Wooden Fun Kids, your child gets a safe and personalized space.

With Wooden Fun Kids, you get interiors that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality with top-quality materials. For a modern room for your teen, combine Wooden Fun Kids with one of our other chic themes. 

For more details, visit our Experience Centres spread over eight major cities or get in touch with our designers over a call for a free consultation.

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