How To Style Outdoor Spaces

We all have a newfound appreciation for the outdoors after the last few years, and this is especially true for the pockets of nature we have in our own homes. Whether you’re designing a house from scratch with an outdoor space or looking to spruce up existing ones, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. The Balcony

Finding outdoor spaces in urban homes is a challenge in itself, but even the tiniest balcony can be transformed. Based on how large it is, you could convert your balcony into a cozy nook or a cute hangout spot, experimenting with an L-shaped or parallel-seating layout. Alternatively, keep it simple with a swing, an armchair and a coffee table. 

To add colour and pattern, incorporate a rug and a few throw pillows. Add some greenery and flowering plants with a trellis or vertical garden wall to maximize the floor space. Create a romantic vibe with fairy lights strung across the parapet and roof, and around the plants. Or choose statement lighting fixtures such as pendant lights or a chandelier.

2. The Terrace

A rooftop terrace can be a multifunctional space — a dedicated seating area is a great start to enjoy a morning cup of tea or just wind down after work. Add a pergola and turn it into the focal point by further entwining string lights and vines with the columns and beams of the pergola. For entertaining, add a small bar, kitchenette or grill. Incorporate natural materials and earthy hues, and add a pop of accent colour like cerulean blue, mustard yellow or olive green. Even better, consider a perennial garden!

Choose the material for flooring carefully. A lawn or artificial turf is a failsafe, but for the seating areas and walkways, you could opt for engineered wood pallets or low-porosity porcelain tiles. These are available in natural and decorative finishes, and are highly weather-resistant making them great choices for any outdoor space.

3. The Porch

Porches give you the chance to set the tone for your home — use it as an opportunity to provide a sneak peek to what’s waiting inside. You could design the front porch to be just the landing pad or it could also be a quiet quaint nook for reading or sipping tea. A statement door is a great start, whether you choose vintage panelled doors, a pop of bright colour or a wood door with wrought iron panels. Floors are another way to make a statement: Moroccan zellige, Portuguese patterns, mosaic designs and hardwood panels are all attention-grabbing options. 

Create a charming breakfast nook with a french bistro table and a pair of matching upholstered chairs. For a comfortable reading nook, opt for an armchair or rocking chair with a pouf and a side table. Or keep it casual by installing a swing with comfortable cushioning. Frame the porch with hanging plants and climbers going atop the railing.

4. The Patio 

Patios, more often than not, act as transitional areas between indoors and outdoors. To ensure that it creates a flow between the two spaces, incorporate elements from both to create a cohesive design. For example, repeat elements from the interiors here, be it colours, patterns or materials. 

Pick flooring that matches the aesthetic of your yard. For something a little rustic, concrete would work well, wood is a good fit for nature-inspired design, while painted tiles are a great option for bohemian designs.

5. The Deck

Whether it is on the rooftop, by the poolside or in the garden, a deck is always a great addition to any outdoor space. If you have children in the house then deck railing is a must — you could turn it into the focal point or let it blend into the design. In case of the former, consider a bespoke geometric design or a contrasting paint or stain. For a modern yet minimal look, a wood or metal frame combined with glass screens or cables is a great option. 

Some sort of covering like a pergola, a sloped roof or just an overhang will protect the living or dining area and the deck from weather conditions. Pair it with the right lighting and you will have a romantic space, a getaway within your home! If the deck is by the pool, umbrellas or cabanas for coverings would give the space a fun beachy look.

6. The Garden

Whether you have a small front yard or a sprawling backyard, planning the landscape will allow you to build a fairytale garden of your own. Ensure that there is a pathway that gives you easy access to and from the house. You could opt for the traditional stone ones for a whimsical look or wood pallets for a streamlined modern touch.

Have the lawn covering the central parts of the garden with a perennial border for a rustic look or take inspiration from Japanese gardens for a more manicured and modern effect. The layout and the plants that you pick will ultimately depend on the amount and direction of the sunlight your garden receives. Let the plants take centre stage by opting for light coloured gravel or choose flowering plants of the same colour for a monotone effect. Don’t forget to add a vegetable and herb patch to grow your own fresh produce!

How can Arrivae help you?

We believe in designing spaces that are best suited for your lifestyle and reflect your personality and tastes. Whether you want a simple and functional outdoor space or want to design an elaborate English garden with a decorative structure or two, we’ve got you covered! Take the lead with the designing process and see your ideas come to life. Head over to our project gallery for inspiration. Or get in touch with us to book a free consultation now!

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