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Kitchens can be streamlined for a unique look and feel. Arrivae interacts with expert to put forth the fundamentals that contribute to making the kitchen a style statement.

Client Expectation: Mr. Bavesh Janavalekar desired modern elements in the kitchen.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Incorporated modern features like eco-friendly lights among others.

Architect Sanjiv Thakur

What was the colour scheme used to incorporate modern theme in the kitchen?

For the kitchen platform, we used artificial Italian marble (Quartz). Tiles and walls were decked up in white. For the cabinets and doors, a mix of white and peach was used to add a dash of colour to the kitchen.

According to you, what is the functionality element to be considered?

In the kitchen, the refrigerator, sink and cooking platform should be placed in a triangle to make the space user-friendly for the user. The client was very happy with the end result as it was in line with their requirements.

For storage, there are adequate open shelves and cabinets given to accommodate all the necessary kitchen essentials. Considering the importance of the space, the ventilation aspect has been taken care of, adhering to the safety element.

Could you tell us about the modern features that make this kitchen stand out?

LED light strip was used below the side cabinets. These lights are enough to illuminate the space and you don’t have to switch on all the lights during evening or night time. Another modern element used in the kitchen was the garbage crusher called sink erator placed below the sink. The function of this crusher was to crush and dispose waste seamlessly.

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