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Setting up a home office minus any distractions requires a unique design concept. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to understand the areas that can be worked on to give the home office a distinct look and feel.

Client Expectation: Desired an office in the house to cater to the pending workload.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Converted a portion of the theatre room into an office.

Hardik Gohel

How did you execute the home office in this project?

Mr. Vikram (Surat) is into slaked lime business and wanted a space at home to finish his pending business work at home. As a result, we decided to convert part of the theatre room on the ground floor into a cosy office space for the client.

What was the comfort elements provided in the home office?

Brown and white was the colour scheme used in the office area. To accommodate the necessary office essentials, we have provided single wardrobe. Half size wooden partitions separate the office area from the theatre space seamlessly. Lights added to the partition give the office space an enhanced look and decorative touch.

As far as furniture is concerned, we have given three seater sofas to ensure the client or visitors are comfortable working in this office space. The office table here gets a unique look and feel with Italian marble used on top, white back painted glass and veneer on the front side and three drawers on the back side. Side tables have sliding shutters and profile shutters are given to overhead storage.

What separates the theatre space from the home office?

The theatre room on the ground floor has all the requisites such as projector with heavy curtains. For ease of operation, we have motorized controls for curtains. 3D facility accommodated with 3D glasses ensures the inhabitants have a great entertainment experience. The back portion of the entertainment unit was decked up with wall panelling and indirect light with 3 watt lights added to the ceiling. As this space would not be occupied or utilized at all times and used only for leisure purpose, we divided part of this room to a small office.

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