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Kitchens with a contemporary touch give it a unique style and beauty. Comfortable elements and task lighting add a unique look and feel. Arrivae gives you inputs to use contemporary style in the kitchen.

Sanjiv Thakur & Associates

Client Expectation: Add contemporary touch to the kitchen.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Used modern elements like channels with plastic covering sheet inside so that the bottom portion of the drawer does not get wet. Another user-friendly feature used in the project is soft closing channels to ensure that the drawer gets locked with a slight push.

What is the design approach being followed for the project?

We are in the process of designing a kitchen for Mrs. Dipti Janavelkar’s family who had a lot of ideas on the colours to be used. Our endeavour is to add a unique contemporary touch to the kitchen. For a transparent look and feel, we have used a lot of glass. White colour has also been used to give the kitchen a spacious appearance. These features in the interiors ensure easy maintenance.

What safety measure did you take to ensure the kitchen is secure for the user?

For the 3 BHK house, comprising of 1,150 carpet area, we used minimal furniture and simple seating. Eco-friendly features like LED lights have also been used to save electricity. There is steel handles for ease of maintenance. To ensure the user does not get hurt, we used curved edges in the kitchen. Due to the contemporary design theme, the kitchen has enough space for appliances like water purifier etc.


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