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Home office can be enhanced with unique features. Arrivae gets in touch with expert who gives choices to make the space user-friendly and creative.

Architect Abhay Patil

Client Expectation: Peaceful home office ambience.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Design that promotes efficiency and keep distractions at bay.

What are the important aspects to be kept in mind while designing a home office?

Utility of space plays a very important role in a home office. Maximize the space in such a way that it stays devoid of clutter. Light is another important aspect to be considered in a home office. This is essential to improve performance. The right light source increases the energy level of the user and in turn helps the user perform better. Similarly task lighting ensures that the user stays focused on the task provided without getting disturbed.

From the functionality perspective, home office is the accurate option for people who own more than 2 houses and do not plan to own an office space. To maintain privacy, if you plan to use partitions, refrain from using bulky ones. Glass partition is the preferred option.

How would you plan the layout of a home office?

For a 2 or 3 BHK comprising of more than 800 sq. ft. area, one of the bedrooms can be converted into a home office. If there are two kitchens in a house, another option is to convert one of the kitchen or pantry space into a home office. This space need not function as a full fledge office. Similarly, if you plan to use a nook or a small area for the home office, it is important to keep it clutter free. It is imperative to follow a minimalistic approach.

Could you throw some light on the features that can be used to enhance the home office?

The décor of the space should not be loud as it can distract the user and work flow. Wall décor can boost the mood of a home office. To maximize the impact of the wall décor, choose an appropriate artwork that is not too loud. Similarly, to up the energy quotient of this important space, you can either highlight one of the walls with sketches or inspirational quotes that will motivate you to perform better. Again, do not go overboard using too many quotes all over the place. If space permits, artwork in light hue to enhance creativity can be used.

What kind of furniture can you use in a home office?

You can have one big desk to accommodate two or three people. A small coffee table can be put in this area to have small discussions for a couple of individuals. Storage also plays a very important role in a home office. Shelves, cupboards and cabinets to stack your files and stationery neatly ensure the space remains clutter free. The rest of the area should be kept free for discussion. Laptop and printer connections should be concealed, accessible and easy to use.

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