Rustic Elevation

Rustic theme is all about exposed materials and soothing colour scheme. Arrivae interacts with expert to find out simple ways to implement this theme in an office space.

Client Expectation: Desired a rustic look and feel for the office.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Achieved the rustic theme for the office with exposed materials, neutral colour scheme and wooden finishes.

Architect Prajakta Shirgaonkar

Could you tell us about the colour scheme that can be used to achieve a rustic theme in the office?

The colour scheme is very simple with large windows bringing the outdoors in. This style has an informal elegance – comfortable and modern living at its best! The colour scheme can comprise of rough finishes and basic colour palette like browns and beige. Shades of brown and beige can be highlighted on furniture like sofa, chairs etc. Monochrome is another colour scheme that can be used to add a unique touch emphasizing on the rustic theme.

How can you highlight the office with appropriate decor to give it a rustic touch?

The key to a modern rustic space is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. You can opt for exposed ceiling features like wooden battens. These give a perfect rustic feel to the interiors. Another unique method to highlight the interiors is to choose partitions that reiterate the rustic touch, stone wall or exposed brick wall. Wooden vertical partitions can also be used as dividers for the cabins.

What kind of furniture can be used for the rustic theme?

Furniture wise, mid-century pieces are perfect for this style — the unadorned leather and wood is a perfect material match. You can also place a chest with wooden accent or wooden desk in the office. If the office space is small, limit the furniture to just one or two otherwise it will overpower the space. On the other hand if space permits, you can place the furniture catering to the requirements of the office. Leather furniture, distressed leather furnishings and hanging lights with antique appearance will add personality to the office. Go for heavy, warm metals with a hint of wear and tear, such as a hammered finish or a touch of rust. The whole idea of giving a rustic look to a space is to make use of whatever you have or are able to get, from crates turned into shelves and tables to lamp fashioned from empty jugs and bottles. Sprinkle in a few quirky displays of unusual treasures from antique stores or flea markets to top off your interior with a flourish.

How can you highlight the walls and ceiling to achieve a rustic look?

You can paint the ceiling in dark grey colour. Black colour is another option for the ceiling. To put the spotlight on the ceiling, you can have wooden battens above the reception or the seating area. The office space should not give out a casual look. For this reason, you can experiment with raw wood and charcoal panels. As far as flooring is concerned, you can opt for wooden tones or experiment with raw wood and charcoal panels. Grey epoxy flooring is preferable apart from wooden flooring.

What kind of storage can you have in a rustic office?

To enhance the rustic touch in an office space, you can opt for lot of inbuilt storage with shutters in different materials. Shutters can act as decorative cork boards to give it a decorative touch.

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