Parallel Display

Space plays a very important role in deciding the theme or style of a kitchen. Arrivae interacts with expert to understand the focal areas that help in materializing the parallel theme kitchen.

Client Expectation: Sidhart Bhatia desired a kitchen incorporating the modern theme.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the kitchen design with parallel style, segregating the preparation and cooking area seamlessly.

Architect Ashish Tank

What kind of planning did you undertake for the kitchen?

Firstly, we looked at the space of the kitchen and decided to opt for the parallel style. This ensured the space was divided into preparation and cooking area. Adequate storage space was left for readymade and existing appliances.

Could you give some details of the project?

The flooring was done in Italian marble, countertop in granite and the dado was in glass. Polycoat shutters enhance the kitchen and give it a nice look and feel. For the entrance and window wall, we used white to highlight the shutters.

What were the different accessories used in this kitchen?

We used Hettich fittings minus any handles and stayed away from stainless steel handles to give it a nice look and feel. Ivory colour was used for the shutters to give it a matching effect. Apart from these, we have put fan in the kitchen for ventilation.

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