Stay Cool in Style: Tips for a Comfortable Summer

Are the scorching summer temperatures leaving you restless? Fret not! Beat the heat with our expert design solutions while still maintaining a stylish and sophisticated living space. From clever shading strategies to innovative ventilation systems, here are some ways that will keep your home cool in summer.

Add exterior shading devices

A key design solution is to incorporate shading devices into your home’s exterior. This can include anything from overhangs and pergolas to trellises and shade sails. These features not only add visual interest to your home’s façade but also provide much-needed relief from harsh sunlight. Position shading devices strategically to block direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day, reducing the amount of heat that enters your home and keeping your interior cool.

Light-coloured finishes for the win

Use light-coloured finishes and materials that reflect rather than absorb heat. This includes flooring, wall finishes, roofs and furniture. It will not only keep your home cool but also create a bright, inviting living space.

Add window treatments

Window treatments not only add style to your home but also help regulate temperature. One way to insulate your home is to incorporate black-out curtains or window shades to prevent heat from entering your home during the hottest parts of the day. Roman, cellular, solar and roller and some of the stylish options to choose from. Additionally, install reflective window films to block out sunlight.

Choose natural fabrics

Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are breathable materials and unlike synthetic options, don’t trap heat. Use them as primary textiles in your home- for bedsheets, curtains, pillow covers, rugs and more. 

Incorporate cross-ventilation

Another effective strategy is to incorporate cross-ventilation into your home’s design. You can achieve this by opening windows on opposite sides of the room or using interior courtyards and atriums. This not only improves indoor air quality but also reduces the need for air conditioning, thus saving energy costs.

Always switch off electrical appliances and lights

Most appliances and lighting devices generate heat when in use. Simply ensure to switch off any electrical outputs when not in use or transition to more energy efficient options such as CFL or LED lights.

High-performance cooling systems

High-performance cooling systems, such as whole-house fans or ductless mini-split systems, are energy-efficient and effective at keeping your home cool in summer. These systems provide maximum comfort with minimal energy usage.

Use landscaping to your advantage

Strategic landscaping can help cool your home’s exterior and reduce the amount of heat that enters your home. Plant trees on the west-facing side of your home to block out the sun’s rays during the hottest part of the day. Additionally, add green roofs or walls to keep your home cool and reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart home with smart technology 

Smart thermostats and sensors can regulate the temperature in your home more effectively and efficiently. These devices learn your schedule and preferences and adjust the temperature accordingly, saving energy and reducing costs.

How can Arrivae help you?

At Arrivae, we take a human centric approach to design, where YOUR needs, style and aesthetics are at the forefront of all the decisions. Our design experts provide options that are best suited to your lifestyle and reflect your personality. And this carries through every step of the process, from civil work and layouts to material selection and colours. So whether you’re looking to give your home a makeover or create your dream home from scratch, reach out today to get a free consultation!


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