Walk-In wonderland: 9 expert tips for designing a stylish walk-in closet

From a personal boutique to all-in-one storage, a walk-in closet offers a multitude of possibilities. We’ve designed and executed stylish, efficient and ultra-modern walk-in closets that stand apart, and we’re revealing all our expert tips and insights to help you design one that’s perfect for you:

1. Assess your storage needs: 

Before you start designing your closet, take an inventory of your belongings. This will help you determine how much storage space you need and what kind of storage solutions you should consider.

2. Plan the layout: 

Consider what you’d like to have in your walk-in apart from your clothing and accessories like a linen closet, vanity, shoe storage,  etc. Once you know how much space you need for each, plan the layout of your closet. Choose from parallel, U-shaped and a rectangular layout to make the most of the space available. All of these layouts also allow you to add an island in the centre for more surface and storage.

3. Decide the essentials:

To maximise the space you have, you will need to figure out the right combination of all the organisation essentials like shelving, drawers, hanging space, storage for your accessories, drawers and racks. Opt for adjustable shelves and rods that can be moved up or down as needed for a flexible and customisable solution.

For your accessories and smaller garments, use bins and baskets and drawer dividers. Make use of your closet’s vertical space with shelves, hooks and loft cabinets. Shoes can take up a lot of space, so it’s important to have adequate storage for them. Go with accessible options like rotating shelves, angled shelves or adjustable ones.

4. Incorporate lighting: 

Good lighting is essential for any walk-in closet. Layer the lighting — overhead ambient lighting, task lighting in drawers and recessed for shelves, and accent lighting to create a bright and welcoming space. If you have a vanity, incorporate lighting that mimics natural light around the mirror. It’ll give you a better idea of how your outfit and make-up will look outdoors.

5. Choose the right materials: 

When designing your closet, choose materials that are durable and easy to clean. Consider using hardwoods or laminate for shelves and drawers, and opt for sturdy metal or wood rods for hanging clothes. 

6. Add seating: 

If you have enough space, consider adding a seating area to your closet. This will make it easier to get dressed and put on shoes, and can also serve as a relaxing spot to sit and read. This could be anything from a simple stool, a comfortable armchair to a chaise lounge.

7. Attach a mirror: 

A full-length mirror is an essential item for any walk-in wardrobe. It allows you to see how an outfit looks from head to toe and ensures you’re putting your best foot forward. Additionally, it creates the illusion of more space and helps bounce of light that makes the room airier and brighter.

8. Introduce a style:

For curated, magazine-ready interiors, choose a style to decorate the closet in and add a personal touch. Opt for laminate finish and handle less shutters and a sharp neutral palette for a sleek, contemporary look. In a retro-inspired walk-in, opt for wood finish for closets and cover the walls in a funky wallpaper with tones of art scattered throughout. An easy way to make the space more cosy is to add rugs or carpeting and pepper in some lush plants and fresh flowers.

9. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise:

Inject the space with personality by showcasing your beautiful clothes and accessories as décor. A clothing rack, novelty hooks and hanging for your hats, jewellery and scarves are a few ways to do it. Create coordinated vignettes on the dressing tables with make-up and accessory organisers, containers and trays.

How can Arrivae help you?

At Arrivae, we take a human centric approach to design, where YOUR needs, style and aesthetics are at the forefront of all the decisions. Our design experts provide options that are best suited to your lifestyle and reflect your personality. And this carries through every step of the process, from civil work and layouts to material selection and colours. So whether you’re looking to give your home a makeover or create your dream home from scratch, reach out today to get a free quote!

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