Whimsical Design

Magical moments create happy memories for a kid. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to understand the design that can add style and charm to the kid’s room.

Client Expectation: To decorate the kid’s space with feminine colours and décor elements.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Used appropriate furniture and décor elements to decorate the kid’s space.

Designer Suryakant Jadhav

How did you decorate the kid’s space giving it a unique touch?

Comfort plays a very important role in the kid’s room. For the two year old kid, we provided a hydraulic bed and kept it touching the window that had a pinewood finish. This gave the room a spacious look and feel. As far as furniture is concerned, we gave the kid a study table with a simple and neutral colour scheme of aqua green. Keeping in mind the interest level of the inhabitant, we used blue colour wallpaper with galaxy design. The headboard of the bed has a touch of pinewood and the wall near the bed was decked up with designs inspired by angel, butterfly, bird, flower and fairly tale characters to cater to the inhabitant’s taste. This gives a fairy tale effect to the space.

What kind of storage have you provided to accommodate the daughter’s toys and accessories?   

We utilized the space below the bed where the legs touch the floor to create a platform for storage purpose. The wall here is 9 feet and the length of the bed is five and a half feet. This storage space is equivalent to the wardrobe space. Open niche in the wardrobe for artifacts gives the kid’s room a neat, elegant and clutter-free appearance.

To accommodate the daughter’s toys, we provided drawers below the storage. Oval shape dressing adds character to the daughter’s bedroom. All the doors in the bedroom were decked up in white colour PU. As you enter the daughter’s bedroom from the living, you will find a storage that is three and a half by three and a half inch and 4 – 5 inches in depth. This was created to store toys played indoors (carrom board etc.) Laminate finish to this storage adds a unique touch to the daughter’s space. Above this storage, the distribution board (electric connectors) has been covered with paneling that matches the décor of the space. Double bed was designed to accommodate grandparents who would visit her occasionally. Since the kid was just two years old, we created a niche on the ceiling and decorated it with floral and red and white colour lights on the ceiling.       

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